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Ray stood over his tee shot on the 450 yard 18th hole for what seemed an eternity.

He waggled, looked up, looked down, waggled again, but didn't start his back swing.

Finally his exasperated partner asked, "What the hell is taking so long?"

"My wife is watching me from the clubhouse balcony," Ray explained.

"I want to make a perfect shot."

His companion said, "You don't have a chance in hell of hitting her from here!"

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A buddy of mine called me last week and asked if I could give him some advice. I told him I'd be glad to help if I could and asked what was the problem. He said, "Last Saturday, my wife said she was going out for lunch with some girlfriends. Somebody picked her up and she was gone for several hours. I heard a car pull up out in front but she didn't come in so I looked out the front window and saw a strange car parked in front of the house. My wife was in the car with a guy I didn't know. The garage door was open so I slipped out into the garage and kneeled down in the corner behind my golf bag. As she got out of the car, she was buttoning up her blouse and her hair was a mess." I was trying to figure out what to say when he continued, "It was at that point I began to you think I need one of those new Callaway drivers with a graphite shaft?"

I used to tell golf jokes. Now I am one! :cool:
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