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The "Show me State" shows us how....

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Just ran into this and though you'd all like it...

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Kentucky just passed a bill to authorise Concealed Carry for Everyone over 21 less you are a convicted felon.
Always was legal to Open Carry.
I second the motion.
I live here in the Show-me-State and I am sure hoping that it will gain support. I really doubt that it will go very far but I have called my Representative and Senator for this area. Spoke my piece for it. I have plenty of rifles and pistols but I do not own one of those wicked black rifles. But I would sure purchase one. I do own a nice good shooting mini 14 and a few extra mags.
Frankly, even though I'm not that up to date on MO. Politics, I doubt it'll become law. However... the fact that he had the guts to propose it speaks volumes.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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