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I miss the old original format board. For those who remember me, I thought I would fill you all in.
In 2006 I moved back from California, broke, divorced, and no money. I started putting life back together. The economy was crashing and I eventually just got over ran financially.
I would have never believed it unless I actually lived it, but I actually became homeless. Yeah, that guy, with a piece of cardboard standing there, hoping someone will share a dollar of their paycheck. There is nothing romantic about it. It sucks!!!
I came across some very lucrative job leads and thought all my problems were solved. A month later I came down with antibiotic-resistant pneumonia. It took 6 months to get the stuff killed. It nearly killed me. Now I have a lot more health trouble. Breathing trouble. And was approved for early social security.
Now I'm working with Veterans Affairs to help me with housing.
I never would have believed I could have became homeless. Not me haha no way!! I'm smarter than that!!! WRONG!!!
However, I'm not dead yet!!! And I managed to keep my guns 馃榿 reloading equipment and all my fishing tackle 馃榿 all the important stuff!!
So here I am starting all over with a cheap smartphone. Life is what it is.
Hobo Tyler out.

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Damn old son,
Sounds like life has beat you up a bit. Glad to hear you are working your way and and glad this board is a part of that. It's not the same place it was 10-12 years ago, but it's getting better all the time and reruns like you are a part of that. Thanks for coming back.


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Yes it is different. There is so few of us remaining,
you wont have to worry about someone talking over
the top you. Sometimes its almost like being in a gymnasium
by yourself. You salvaged the 2 most important things,
your life and your toys. All things will come together
if it is meant to be. LDS

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I feel your pain, bro. in winter of 99 I was checking out bridge overpasses for a dry place to live. Actually had my car paid for, and was on the brink of living in it while I looked for work.

Faith in myself and God pulled me through! That what does not kill us, makes us stronger!!

I wouldn't want to repeat the experience again. But, know now that I could survive if ever down and out again. Hang in there! Keep the faith.

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Good for you Hobo

Find a good church. A church that has a preacher that can do more than read copy word for word. A speaker who speaks from the heart and does not read a prepared script by his boss at headquarters.

A preacher who speaks from his heart while looking at the congregation will move your soul.
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