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Good Morning everyone,
I hate to mention but the weather app says mild to upper 70's bright and sunny ☀ in the sunshine state. 10-15 mph Southern winds .
Today is the Mrs birthday she is 62 today . Actually it's been her birthday week .Todays plan is going to try a new restaurant to us in Englewood called Farlow's on the water for lunch and I'm sure I will take her to supper in downtown Venice this evening.
Yesterday afternoon I got a few good drills in with the hound. He did a few blind retrieves that where I send him out after lining him up and using hand signals to direct him to the object. Generally the object dummy , ball or bird is 60-70 yards out and within 3 whistles he's on the target . Then all his buddies came while we were there and I made him honor the other dogs . Then I allowed him to sniff butt and mark everything he is still intact and just be a dog .
Everyone have a great day stay warm dry and safe.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts