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Thursday Morning

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54° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is to get up to about 69°. Of course we are supposed to get some more rain today which we don't need.

I was busy yesterday and I thought about sleeping in this morning but didn't. I have another busy day on tap.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Morning George and others to follow. Like George I thought about in but that's as far as I got!! 73 this morning going to the 80's again until the rain over Doug gets here for a cool down. Might be a good day for breakfast in town today. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning for home. Oh, how great it feels to be back home typing on a real computer rather than pecking out messages on a tablet. We had no internet while in Iowa Falls leaving the tablet as the only form of communication with the world.
It's a chilly one today, just 37 now and clear. High of 50 and maybe a bit of rain later.
We are going to spend the day getting then RV unloaded and settling in, I can begin writing again.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,

We are already at the high for the day of 67° with some wind & a mostly clear sky here near Halfway USA. It has cooled down from the 70° is was an hour or so ago. Yesterday we enjoyed 76° later in the afternoon but it seemed to take all day for the front to move away to give us that temperature.

As a result of more rain & moisture, the progress on the concrete shooting benches has been slow. What could have been a 2 day job has extended to 4 days. We will get the top glued in place today. Then the Pres & I will be "polishing" the ridges out with a patio block. You run it around the top in a circular motion until you get the surface smooth.

I shot the 300 mag after the work was caught up. I have it zeroed for about 250yds. 3" high at 200, 2" low at 300. Hopefully by Tuesday I'll be searching the desert for a suitable cow Elk.
morning all. 47 to start off, might get into the 70s again today. Hope it dries out the hay.
No baling yesterday, if it doesn't shower this morning we'll rake and possibly bale today.
Yesterday was spent draining sprinklers, got seven more done, more to do today. Also need to clean up the swathers so they can get put away for the winter.
Not much else going on around here. Have a great day and be safe.
good morning folks. I definitely could have slept in as well. Too bad I have to work. I could probably fall asleep here at the keyboard if I closed my eyes. Not sure what's the matter? I fell asleep watching the tube last night about 9:30. Should have plenty of sleep??? Ah well, I made my coffee extra strong this morning. It'll kick in soon.

Went hunting after work last evening. Snuck across the creek into a stand I haven't hunted before. The neighbor has corn and beans up with a hay field separating them. I was at the corner of the hay field next to the corn, in a wooded bottom the deer normally bed and stage in. The woods was flooded and swampy and the skeeters were simply awful. I couldn't find my thermacell so I just sprayed earth scented bug spray on me. I stunk, but it was fairly effective. Only a few new bites. I did see some deer, but in the heat they moved really late. Three were bucks, one was decent. Would have liked to have gotten a better look, but it was a bit far away.

Looks like I'm going to have to deal with crops for quite some time. No way the farmers are going to get in those fields any time soon. It will probably have to freeze hard first. Saw on the news we are having the second wettest year on record, with just a few inches of rain to overtake the lead.

Gotta run. Duty calls. Have a good one!

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Good morning, GoGo. It's 74 in Louisville and supposedly only going to 84. Up near 90 for the weekend, though.

Yesterday was a good day until right around bedtime. I was sipping a little bourbon and nibbling on some Hershey chocolate, my usual pattern, when I felt something like a small rock rolling around in my mouth. Yep, it was a crown. The crown on my top left back molar had popped off. I only started getting these crowns three years ago, so it was put on within the past three years. My dentist has made quite a bit off me with these crowns, so I'm hoping he won't even consider charging me to stick this one back on. Hopefully he'll get me in today, and I'm thinking about taking in a couple tubes of JB Weld and handing them to him.

Continuing the medical theme, I'm wondering, Charlie, if you've ever done a sleep apnea test. Your symptoms sound exactly like apnea to me and it's more serious than most folks think. About 5-6 years ago I'd get what I thought was a good night's sleep and then be nodding off on my drive to work. I've been on a CPAP for 4-5 years now and it helps a lot. Find yourself a good sleep specialist and get it checked out.

Y'all have a good'n, hug your family, and be safe out there.
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Good morning. Light rain and 72, very near the high. Played golf three days straight so I’ll be doubling up on the nap today. I was hoping to see deliveries from PSA and Midway today but Midway turned that order over to USPS even though the brown truck comes through the neighborhood daily. PSA isn’t saying anything. I assume the upper is on the way since they’ve charged my card. We shall see.

Have a good day.
Sunny warm, low 70's, in the hollow this morning. Going to the mid 80's we're told. We are entering the period of the most beautiful weather of the year in Middle TN (IMO). October tends to be the driest month, low humidity and mostly sunny skies. This will be a relief from an unusually high amount of rainfall this year. The rain has held up progress on our new range for a total of at least two months, probably more. But we will get there. We should get started on the range shed next week, with the gravel for the slab going down first. The firing line will be a total of 300' long with 30 benches on the competition line, a 24' break and another 16 on the plinking line. It's getting close. Straw and seed may begin in a week or so if the rain holds off.

So Mikey, are you dispensing health advice now? Chocolate and bourbon?!?!
Sounds healthy to me....

G'day Y'all,
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