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Thursday Morning

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48° here in Upstate NY this morning and the high is to be about 50° today. We are at 90% chance of rain for today and it will extend into tomorrow and possibly Saturday morning.

I got up to the gun club yesterday morning and the weather was fairly warm for the time of the year. Everything was all right up there and I got to shoot for awhile. Today well I will have to do some work once again but it is nice to get a break once in awhile.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

48 and wet going to get up to two more inches today here in NC Ohio. Wish I could send it all to Dean. Going to stick to domestic work today. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning everyone it's nice and wet here and still raining. Just got to the shop and got the coffee pot going. More smokey fluxcore welding today, looks like I need to order more wire as I might get the other 4 parts to weld as the guy that's sending the work this way wants to send 42 25ft. 18" Ibeams this way to be welded so my buddy I'm working with on the job cant handle it all by no means.

Went out to the hog barns the other night and soon as I hit my light there were eyes in the field, I set up and hit my call, one coyote headed off toward the other barns across the road and one finally made its way toward me. I got up on my sticks and settled in on him and bang....big ol freaking miss!:rolleyes: I guess I just suck anymore it seems I have missed 3 out there. Not sure if it was a range problem or wind got me but as soon as it dries up the rifle is getting zero checked again.

Hope everyone has a good day and prayers sent to those in need of them!
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Good morning, it's a frosty 32 in Waseca. High 51. Rain is in the forecast.
Plumber took a big chunk of my free money yesterday. At least I should be able to count on the heat system to run all winter.
Not much planned today, will be making a plan as I go.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
53 degrees here with heavy rain and it looks like it’s going to be more of the same all day long.
I ended up working late last night so there was no reloading done last night. I’m afraid it might be the same way tonight as well.
Mike, asked yesterday if I was retired. Not yet, but it is in the 10-year plan. Maybe 8, if things work out right. I’m 52 years old right now, even though I look like i’m 70. They tell me it’s not the years that get you, it’s the mileage.

Charlie mentioned putting out his trail cam yesterday and that reminds me that I need to get mine out also. We had a couple foxes hanging around a few years ago but I haven’t seen any lately. I’m curious if there are still any lurking around.

Scott, you should hang on to that authentic, 1970’s Brady Bunch-style wood paneling. Somewhere in this great land of ours, there is probably a market for retro wallcovering.

Make it a good day for someone, even if it is yourself.
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Mornin boys...
56 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Going fishing.......
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Great morning folks,

43° with cloud cover but all the rain will stay south of us here near Halfway USA. That rain extends from Brownsville TX all the way to Toronto ONT and it will provide moisture to everyone in it's north easterly path for the next couple days.

Tear out is done. Rebuilding started. Found another wire in the wall. At least this one was in a box. I re-used it for plugs behind the TV & entertainment stuff.

Deb & I went for a ride at dark to retrieve my tote of electrical stuff from the flood house. Then a trip into Menards to by recessed lights, switches & plugs. All that stuff should get installed today.

Last night's ride was on high alert. Deer & other critters all on the move. No real close calls. I actually braked for a Possom. I don't know what came over me. ;)

Scott, you should hang on to that authentic, 1970’s Brady Bunch-style wood paneling. Somewhere in this great land of ours, there is probably a market for retro wallcovering.
Man you nailed that description. It even brought on a flashback! Marsha Marsha Marsha...:D

All that paneling is going to get run through the table saw then through the wood stove so I can extract BTU's.
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morning all. 28 here, warmed up some since last night. Mid 40s for a high today. Well our blizzard played out by two o'clock yesterday afternoon, sun came out and melted a lot of it off. Just some drifts left, but the mountains got a good snow.
Going to go buy a elk tag today, with the snow now the elk may come down and be everywhere, of course that means the "hunters" will be too. :eek:
Had to work on the old Dodge pickup that we feed with yesterday, the bracket that holds the bell crank for the clutch broke. Managed to get it to the shop and welded and ready to go again for today.
Worked on getting some creedmoor brass prepped and ready to load yesterday also. Hope to get started working up a load soon.
Better move along, have a safe and dry day.
Good morning folks. It's 54º here and cloudy. Rain on the way I guess. Carl, I forgot to put my cam out last night again. It's laying right by my bow.:rolleyes: Maybe I'll get one out here soon? I hunted last night and only saw a few does and one little buck and he was just feeding along. He doesn't know what "love" is yet, I guess. It was dang near 70º last evening so I'm sure they moved after dark. I'd like to be in a tree right now with this front coming but that ain't going to happen.

Finally got all my approvals on my big project yesterday and I'm running the plans out for final signatures today. Got a happy client. Told them it would be done the 9th. I finished a week early.:)

Well I guess I should get moving. Prayers offered. Have a good one!

Good morning, GoGo. It's 54 in Louisville, headed to 65 with more rain. We got a solid inch yesterday and stand at about 55 inches for the year. Average is something like 37 here. Weather guesser said it's already the fifth-wettest year on record here and we have two months to go.

Finally got my 9mm pulled bullets cleaned up and loaded about 30 of 'em last night. These are 124gr Federal HST bullets and the testing shows about the slickest, most consistent expansion and penetration that I've ever seen in a SD bullet. I was - and still am - a big fan of Speer Gold Dot bullets for self-defense, but these HSTs test out even better.

I think it was Scott who brought up Marsha Brady this morning. It's funny to mention her and watch how guys react. Those of a certain age, like myself, usually admit they had teen-age fantasies about Marsha. I always pictured her in a white, plush wool sweater. :D Maybe when Scott burns that Brady-era paneling some of the old sparks will fly again. Ha!

Gotta get my deer stands and trailcams set up Saturday at the private arboretum where I hunt south of Louisville. Had a lousy year there last year, seeing almost no deer, although they were being killed all around me. I still can't figure out what that was about and I'm hoping it was just an aberration.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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Good late morning from the sticks of Kentucky where we have only a sprinkle of rain. It seems to be all running North of us for now, but it so warm I don't even have a fire in the wood stove.
I haven't seen any deer around here ceptin the dead ones on the sides of the highway so I guess they are moving.
Coyotes move with them and I should be hunting early in the morning.
Night hunting is tough no matter how you go about it. A Night Vision scope makes it easier but it's still hard to run a FoxPro and Shoot at the same time. I have not been out since I called in 2 and never even got a shot off....kinda makes you feel stupid when you do that. With the Hog Barns you have to focus the Coyotes, you would be a sure winner of the Coyote Contests every time after you buy that NV scope. You would be better off if you mount it on a Real Rifle also.... Just my opinion.

Yesterday afternoon I visited a couple sick old men in the neighborhood and they were happy to have company, my good deed for the day.
I have not heard from Sam Koger and I hope he is getting better.
Y'all be safe out there, if you get hurt I may come see about you and you don't want that!
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Morning, barely

Good later-than-JR morning. It's 44, raining, and blowing in Indy. Heat wave will take us to around 47 later on. My SIL brought my MIL and 4 of her friends to the breakfast blind this morning. It's the MIL's birthday so ol' Doug picked up the tab for the whole flock. Thankfully, I didn't have to sit with them while they clucked around but we can use the eggs. DamSIL gave out my phone number and each one of them texted me a thank you. Thought my phone was melting.

Got some die and Dillon tool head switching to do to accomodate the new caliber in town. There's yet another new one just came out from Hornady. 300 PRC! No, I do't want it.

Hoping for good news about Sam soon. Y'all have a good day.
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Mid 60's with rain in the hollow today. Looks like it will be around all day. I've spent the last 1/2 hour or so disconnecting with Direct TV and saving myself some significant $$. Later to day I, along with several other gun club members, will be picking up a gun collection left to us by a member who left the range a couple of weeks ago. With a membership of 1000 when we left TVA, almost no one knows everyone else. The club secretary knows the gentleman's name but can't recall anything about him. It seems he had health problems for several years before his death. The executor says there are about 20 long guns and as many handguns, along with lots of reloading equipment, reloading supplies and ammunition. We are taking a box truck with a lift gate for the safe. We will be putting everything up for sale and applying the funds to the new range construction. If we have anything interesting I will be sure and let folks here know about it.

G'day Y'all,
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I'm twixt Doug/Shane and the Carpman bna Mikey. Plenty wet as it's been raining since afore daylight. Dinah is off to a class for Poll Workers and I'm about ready for cuppa #2. Still have a bit of a project but just don't feel like walking the 70 yds in the rain to the shop. Lay-Zee I'm thinking.

Am thinking heavily on a Honda Ridgeline for the extra cargo capabilities. I am in the 95% that hardly ever uses a p/u to it's fullest extent. One dealer had a showroom model w everything stuck on it from the dealer parts Dept they could find.....including a roof rack that goes over the moon roof. Tried to tell me they couldn't remove it.....also would not provide a list of the extras that were included. I asked 3x. Just the bottom line price was provided. Silly me, wanting to know what I was buying. 😕
I don't know how they stay in bizness.
Honda has such a large market share, rolleyes, they moved the mandatory moonroof and power sliding rear window PKG down another trim level notch, but did not move the Adaptive Cruise Control down.
I don't know who is making these executive decisions but they need to get out more as one of the major complaints has been the initial cost.
They ride really well w the 4 wheel independent suspension, 125" wbase and great cabin room. Less mpg than my Outback but more than the comparables. The diesel options elsewhere would take several hundred K miles to recoup. Then one injector pump r&r would add another 50k.

Ah well, the rain is still at it. And yes, we are definitely ahead for the year. Way ahead. I feel sorry for the farmers who still have beans out. The rain and wind just beat them down and don't help the yield.
Keep yer powder dry and be careful going up or coming down those tree stands. Sometimes that last step can be a deusy.
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