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Thursday Morning

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30° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature going up to about 35°. There is a chance of some snow showers for today once again.

They keep calling for more snow for here than we are getting which is all right with me. Yesterday we had about an inch total and we are supposed to have another 3-4" by tonight. I may be wrong but I think if we get 1/2" today we will be doing well.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

22 here in NC Ohio with more clouds and gloomy weather. Another load of firewood arrived yesterday now get two in the pole barn and should be good for winter. Other than that not much going on here. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Great morning everyone,

Low thick overcast with 28° and snow likely in a while back here near Halfway USA. Less snow here than expected. It looks like they got more to the south.

A visit with Mr. & Mrs Greyfox was very enjoyable as was lunch with the damncow farmer. I may be several weeks before we can journey south again.

We arrived in the drive about 9pm last evening. DD drove that last 180 miles. We unloaded a few things that wouldn't tolerate the freeze & settled in to relax for an hour or so.

First task on the list is to figure out if I can unclog the dishwasher. DD tried while I was at deer camp but wasn't successful. I expected I will be tearing into more intimate parts of it before determining a new one is needed.

Wood stove is making BTU's this morning & that feels good.
Good morning everyone.... dragging ass this morning but I made it to the shop about 6:15. We got the bottom and ends in the stone box and welded what we needed to while it was upside down,rolled it over and started adding more steel to it. More of the same today.

Yesterday I had a brain fart as I turned on a fan to blow smoke I went to tilt it up and it has not been cleaned in a very long time. Well I was on the wrong side as I gave it a nudge the fan hit the wire cage and next thing I know I get a face full of year old welding dust and who know what else.:rolleyes: Instant black face....and of coarse first thing I done was try to rub it off which made it son got a good laugh out of it. It took 2 washings with dawn finally to get the nasty shit off.

Well hope everyone has a good day and stays safe!
Mornin boys...
23 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Off work today, say a prayer for us if you will...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 27 this morning after a high yesterday of 54. Mid 40s for today with a chance of snow tonight and thru the weekend.
Got a parts list made for the old Dodge pickup yesterday. Along with the normal chores. Also got a chance to shoot the 65. creedmoor, still not coming up with a good load. Will continue to work up some more, just hope to find something soon.
Whacked two coyotes yesterday, both over 400 yds. One was around 450, using a little 223 AR I built a few years ago that has been in the back of the safe for way too long. Sure shoots good!
Breakfast is waiting so better get, have a great day.
Good morning folks. It's 30º here with clouds and a little less wind, which is a good thing. I have a pre-construction meeting in the field later this morning and better still bundle up for it. Still kinda chilly out. Haven't seen many deer since rifle season came in Monday. Just a few of my "regulars" that are safe if they stick around the house. I have doe tags with no intention to use them. Just don't need the meat that bad. They probably taste like azaleas anyway.:rolleyes:

Dean, 40 gr H4530 with a 140-ish bullet should get you close. We use the 143 Hornady ELDX (hunting bullet). What's your twist? My boy's Creedmoor is the easiest rifle I've ever loaded for. H4350 is supposed to be THE powder for the Creedmoor.

Shane, don't ya know it's not PC to go blackface? Donnie, prayers sent.

Have a good one.

Thanks Charlie, I'll have to pick some up. Have IMR 4350 but not H.
Have a good day.
Good morning, GoGo. It's a balmy 36 in Louisville, going to 45. Possibility of some brief showers this morning, with much more rain pretty much guaranteed between tonight and Saturday evening.

Gonna go to the office and work today after doing my monthly food distribution gig. Hope there isn't much breeze outside.

Prayers up for y'all, Donnie.

Shane, don't tell me that no one in your shop took a photo of your face. We have a need to see that. :)

Have a great day and be safe out there.
Mike I was lucky and got it gone before anyone thought of taking a pic. It would not have taken long though and they would have and it would have been on facebook or somewhere else.
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