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Thursday Morning

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21° here in Upstate NY and windy, we got a little dusting of snow overnight. The high temperature for today will only be about 23° and we could get up to 1" of snow.

I was busy most of the day yesterday and it looks as if today will be about the same.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

19 here in NC Ohio, the first real day of winter$%#@#$ I know my old bones aren't used to this kinda cold!!! I'll be putting another log on the fire every three hours today, tonight, tomorrow-- Be safe and Prayers to those and country. And Dean you can have this wind back and thanks for sharing-- not! Mike
Good Morning from chilly Trinity Texas. 39 this morning, high of 55.
The staff house painting continues, one bedroom is completed, will finish the 2nd bedroom and living room today. Last bedroom and mall bathroom is time consuming and a pain in the petunias. I should begin the kitchen / dining room today.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
morning all. 8 above to start, should get into the mid 30s again today, big storm coming for tonight and tomorrow. They say we may get up to a inch of snow! WOW hope we can still get around;)
Really didn't get much done yesterday after morning chores, just wasn't feeling very good at all. Better this morning though.
Have a bunch of salt blocks in my pickup for the cows today, will throw them out as I make my ice chopping rounds.
Really need to go calling 'yotes. Been seeing a big one, but never a chance to get a shot from the road.
Still lots of elk hanging around the farm ground, about a thousand head still.
Have a great day, prayers for the hurting and needy. And our country!
Mornin boys...
Low 20's here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

good morning folks. It's a cold one here at 27º. We had a dusting of snow here last night. Not enough to make a mess, just enough to make things white. My kinda snow. I fired up the ole wood stove last night, but it was cold in the house this morning. Guess I should have woken up and fed it early this morning? Oh well. I just put a couple logs in to keep the coals hot today. Don't want to waste wood when nobody's home. More cold and more snow on the way for the weekend. Doesn't look to bad here, but south of us might get more.

Have a good one!

Good morning, GoGo. It's 23 in Louisville, going to 35. Precip due to start just after midnight Friday and continuing through Sunday. It'll mostly be the old "wintry mix," which means it may be just rain or it could be a classic ice storm. Roads should still be relatively warm, so maybe they won't get too slick. Our local road crews have gotten pretty efficient at putting down brine, which seems to work a little better than rock salt.

Nothing much else to report. Y'all have a great day and be safe out there.
Great morning folks,

Windy with 20° and a partly cloudy sky here near Halfway USA. Not going to warm up much today either.

I took the advice of the damncow farmer & contacted USPS about my package & it's were abouts. At that time "the system is down" and they were of no help. :mad:

Debra Dearest supervised while I adjusted her barn doors. She is more better satisfied with the results.

Gun club meeting tonight. It is unlikely any of the officers or half the board will have anyone run against them so it will be election by unanimous acclaim. Tomorrow morning I'll put together a news letter, mail out the last of the membership cards and that should pretty well take care of that for another 10 months.

Might be wheels rolling by tomorrow afternoon.
GOOD morning from the sticks of Kentucky where it is about 21° this winter morning, and won't be going up much today. First thing I have to do is feed the Uncooperative Damcalf in the Barn. It is very difficult so far and I'm waiting on Skruske to come get it..
. Speaking on WAS. I think he may have "gone postal" and got locked up....seems his important package has gone Lost an Missing in Michigan.
I snared Coyote #8 yesterday, a 37 pound female. Dean, you need to hang a few out there, it's a lot of fun.
Headed for the COW field.
Good morning everyone 20° and windy here this morning with some flurries. Just hopped off the forktruck unloading parts and just about froze. Started on my bed yesterday afternoon after lots of head scratching and eyeballing and taking 400 measurements that were more than likely not needed. I'm hoping to have a lot of the frame tacked up today and maybe start decking it.

Look like there might be some snow on the ground here soon so I'll have to get to doing some hunting if I can sneak out.....the wifes birthday was yesterday so I have to take her somewhere I suppose. I'd like to drag the 20tac out and see how it does on the coyotes.

We'll be heading south to Ky on Sunday morning to take the daughter back to school again. I will have to stop at the Sportsman's Warehouse and see if I can pick up some .20 cal Vmax since I'm out.

Hope everyone has a good day!
Sportsman's WHouse in KY Shane? Whereabouts? We had one on N edge of Cola (Columbia) SC I could see from the interstate that usually awakened me from my driving trance. Usually stopped for a walkabout, a nice break before the last two hours home.
Dadgummed gas shot up to $1.97 from buck 71! Hopefully it's just the whim of the purveyors. Shane, you should be able to get it for dollah 80 or so in central KY.
Heading into town, license branch, WallyW, Aldi's then maybe putting in an app for part time straight truck local delivery.

Plenty cold but at least Dean's wind has subsided. It was 2-3 days steady and boy, wuzzit cold last night coming home from church when I stopped at the shop. Knife cutting and bone chilling. Bright and sunny today which is a plus.
Yessir, ol' Sam can shoot. If one thing BP and airguns will teach, is follow through - between lock time and barrel time. A different game for sure.
Burning this wonderful daylight, Tom out.
Morning gang! 19 here early headed to 35! Tom there is a sportsman's warehouse in Lexington, 1-75, exit 110, exit then right if coming from the north, , then left at the second light, it will be on your left. Got to go to the Chiropractor, do some stuff in the shop, you all have a good one, Buff out!
Yep like Koger said I stop at the one in Lexington. Gas here varies from $1.99-$2.10 or so.
Nothing going on in SWNYexcept 16 inches of new snow.
W 16" of fresh "partly cloudy" on the roads, I can well see where "there isn't much going on". !))
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