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Thursday Morning

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9° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature is to get up to about 26° and partly sunny. There is a chance of snow showers overnight with maybe an inch of snow. This weekend is when we are to get hit with a big storm.

I was on the road quite a bit yesterday and I will be on the road all day today.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Trinity, 57 and cloudy, high is 69. Rain in the forecast.
Still working on the staff house, it was decided that I need to lay laminate flooring in the three bedrooms. 65 boxes of flooring. It will be tough going on my 70 year old knees, thankfully they sent a young man with no experience to help. He is very trainable so it should be OK.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

28 here in NC Ohio going to get some snow later. I am amused at the way people react to a snowstorm prediction at the grocery store. At the store where I had 6 items, several people ahead of me had the cart overflowing or two carts!! How many live in one home to use 6 gal milk 12 pks. of hot dogs before they go bad?? I don't like the forecast but no need to go crazy! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Mornin boys...
34 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Great morning folks,

55° at this hour with 70° expected later here in the trailer park.

Turns out yesterday's ride was with an entire herd of Canadians. I was glad to follow along but we went up & down places I would not have had i been by my self. I now have a much better understanding of what the RZR will do. We stopped for a picnic where a water way enters a mountain for 2 miles & flows out the car side.

There are places to the south to ride but we have register & take a test as it traverses an active during range for the Marines. DD has already said I am not allowed to pick up brass.

Not sure what today's activities will be. I have a list that includes brake job on the ******* Limo & repair the furnace on the doublewide.
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morning folks. It's 32º here with clouds. Yep, winter's turning into a real bugger. Looks like we're in a cold, wet, pattern, which ain't good. Tonight, Sat/Sun and Wed storms lined up. Calling for 1-3" here tonight and Saturday's storm is still a big question. Right now calling for icy mix here, snow up north at George's. I need to remember to get gas for the 4 wheeler. I'm just about out.

Started butchering that big ole doe last evening. I got both front shoulders/flanks off and the loins done. Just have the hams to go. I hit her behind the left shoulder, mid body and have NEVER seen the bullet make such a mess! I should have taken a picture. I almost had to throw the entire shoulder away. I have shot deer thru the shoulder with ballistic tips out of 7 mags that don't do so much damage as that Dead Center bullet did. I lost nearly all the flank meat and had to really go over the shoulder to get the bloody, bruised stuff out. It's just an all lead bullet with a plastic tip and boattail. Nothing fancy. And this was at 225 yards with a muzzleloader!

Well Tom...s.h.i.t. Weekend getting near. Prayers sent. Have a good one!

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Good morning, GoGo. It's a relatively warm 41 in Louisville, going to 44 with showers expected all day. Tomorrow will be dry, then the big rain comes all day Saturday. Folks just a little north of us, like Doug, could get a pretty good snow.

I was glad to follow along but we went up & down places I would not have had i been by my self.
I had to smile at this comment, Scott, because it reminds me of things I've said about my PD Safari adventures with guys from this very board. I've been places and done things that would NEVER have been on my radar if not for guys like Don McCutcheon (RIP), Greyfox and others. Heck, I'd probably have never eaten rattlesnake, for example. :D Great memories ... even the emergency stops at WalMart to replace tires.

I have my annual job review today. The past few years the pattern has been that my boss praises me to high heaven, talks about how indispensable I am, then announces I'm getting a 2-3% raise. I feel like shouting "Show me the money!" like Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire."

Y'all have a great day and be safe out there. Get your bread, milk and ice melt bought today!
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morning all. 8 here, below zero over in town. Not sure what the high will be, got to 37 yesterday. Strange weather we're having, fog rolled in before five last evening, can't remember that happening before, then by 10:30 last night it was gone and I could see lights clear across the valley!
Running late this morning, Gwyn's is gone so I tried to sleep in, got a extra thirty minutes is all.:rolleyes:
Better try to get going, have a good day and stay warm and safe.
Good morning all...raining here this morning. SUpposed to be rain and snow mix before the snowpocolypse hit this weekend or whenever it going to be here.

Went hunting Tuesday night with a buddy and didn't had one wind us, he went back out last night and got a real light blonde female he had been seeing on trail cam...he shot it right behind his deer pen....he started raising deer last year I think. I went to the hog barns after work last night and it was a bust.

I had time to work on the truck a little and burnt out some of the side skirts and got a few tacked on.

I just need to get everything tied in and tacked where it is supposed to be then I can build my boxes and doors and test fit the welder and compressor and pull the bed to final weld everything underneath.

Well off to try to be productive today....hope everyone has a good one!

P.s. Mikey you got to love those giant wage increases.....I once received probably the best review from a supervisor I ever had and HR decided I deserved a big ol whopping .10 cents and hour...… because I used too many short notice vacation days.:rolleyes: Makes you want to go pop a squat on an office desk and leave them a nice big surprise.:D
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GOOD morning from the sticks of KENTUCKY where we are about 45 degrees, and Muddy as heck.
We have a cloud cover but it ain't raining yet, that in a couple days.
Skruske....thanks for the nice photo of a beautiful spot. Now your 4 wheelin for real it seems. Jackson hears about this, he will drag the CanAm all the way out there. He is going to Brimstone Tennessee this long weekend for 3 days of slinging mud and bud light cans.

Judy Brown has already fed her baby calf an gone to the quilting club in town. She has really got attached to the baby calf, it would be a good one for a little farm kid to raise. It is leaving Saturday as I am investing in the Stock Market again heavily.

I was watching an Anvil on eBay for a few days...It went off at an even $1500, this was a really nice one made in 1921 by Fisher. Judy Brown's dad had one but her worthless brother stole it and traded it for a case of Beer. He is a very smart guy. I have an old one that was broken shooting anvils with black powder many years ago. Guess that will do me.

The Damcows are waiting so i need to go check my **** traps, Coyote Snares, feed Otis the Orange TomKat and sling out hay for cows to stomp in the mud. NOW. It's raining again.

Shane, what do you reckon you could do about putting a bed like that on the purple Geo Metro COW truck??
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Jr I'm sure anything could be done but I don't know if it would haul any round bales....and I don't think Ms. Judy would like riding on the back of it with a Damcalf on the way to the sale barn.:D

Good morning from Indy. It's a gloomy, drizzling 35 here right now and not likely to improve much. The real storm is coming Saturday they say. At least 4, maybe 8". Just right for a guy's winter time motor-toy, the snow blower! There'll be no shoveling for this old back.

The mother of my two sons passed away Tuesday night from leukemia. We divorced about 1970 and I've tolerated her when necessary just because of the kids. Staying in close contact with the boys and their kids. Most are doing pretty well. Life goes on.

Got our dates locked in for the first 2019 battle of Dogtown, SD. Julie's brother and sister-in-law are joining us again. We've created a couple of monsters there. Especially the S-I-L.

Have a good day.
Morning guys. 51, cloudy and damp here. Feels colder than that. Rain is coming and then weekend temps into the 20's. If I get my chores done I'll spend those rainy days in the gun room. Need to start prepping some Prairie Dog ammo.
Sounds like our weather is about the same as Doug’s. Nasty stuff headed here this weekend and we have a lot to do here at work in spite of it.
Glad the see the Skruske enjoying himself out West. Looks like some nice scenery around there.
Good luck on the review Mike. Sounds like you already know the outcome. Only question is whether or not they can lure you into staying on with that big, fat raise.
I can never tell when JR is joking and when he’s serious but I’m serious when I say that an anvil is a handy tool to have around. I have one that came from my father-in-law years ago. He would be 100 if he were still alive and I have no idea how old the anvil is. I don’t use it very often but when I do, it is worth its weight in gold.
He was a good guy and worked hard his entire life. Over the years, he collected more tools than you will find in most shops. When he passed, I ended up with a few things. His sons split the rest and we are all still using them. Good, quality equipment last for more than just one lifetime.

Make it a good day.
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Hmm, I never was acquainted w the anvil scene. They have one on the farm. No one is alive to date when it showed up. My educated guess would be 100 or more years back. Farm was settled/started in 1846 on my maternal grandfather's side. Houk later morphed into Hook.
I'll be going up this winter as my 53 yo Cuz just had open heart. They did a valve job and repaired an aortic aneurysm. He will be very slow and go thru Spring.

Yessir, glad I have a pickup truck so's I can make a grocery run to stock up to keep from starving out in case we get four or five inches of partly cloudy.
Being halfway tween Doug/Shane and KF, I never know what may happen 😉 .
Talked w a trucker's son at church last night who said his Dad saw the 20" St Louis had last w/e. I'm very glad that front didn't make it 200 miles east.
Time to head to Kittyville, tend them, get some brass outta the vibers, label boxes etc.
I think Dinah will make a Docinabox trip. I may accompany. Still no rlf on the ear fullness after 3 courses of meds and she has a major congestion attack.
PS. Shane, I'm thinking a double radius for tail pipe side.... 😉 finish it off w STYLE. You know, a reverse "S", radius starting at 12 o'clock....why not? Tom out
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It's warmed up to 30 here in Dufur this AM. Snowed all night. Started with the biggest flakes I've ever seen outside of the anti-fog vendors at a gun show. Later on the size diminished to tiny flakes and this AM there is only 3" on the ground.

The kittens were upset with the snow. They'd take a step and shake the snow of their paws and then take another step. Needless to say they didn't stay out long.

My new to me scope (Nikon BM 6 x 18 SF) arrived so it'll be going on my Ruger R.A.R.T. I've been wanting to get a silencer for years so I can shoot around our livestock without causing a major incident. :) I should have it broken in by the time the paperwork goes through come Spring.
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