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Thursday Morning

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32° here in Upstate NY this morning, the wind is pretty dead and the temperature is to get up to about 40° for a high today. Yesterday we ended up with maybe 1/2" of snow and freezing rain total, a lot better than what they were predicting.

Busy day yesterday and it looks to be the same today. I not only have computer work to worry about but I am getting the gun clubs 501c7 application ready. We are also going to apply for another NRA grant this year.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca. 21 and clear, with 21 the forecast high today.
Office floor is close to finished, my knees gave out before I did so we stopped to give them a break.
More snow tomorrow and Saturday so I am thinking I should head out today, I need to run down to Iowa Falls and see the lawyer to close Gary's estate.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
morning all. 19 this morning and may hit low 30s before the next storm comes in late this afternoon. Was cold and windy yesterday, but at least we didn't have much snow to blow around. Guess not getting any snow can be a good thing. But our mountains sure need a bunch if we are going to grow any crops this summer.
Travis is going to head out this morning for Wisconsin, sure hope he is between storms and had good roads. Over a 18hr drive by the time he stops to walk his dog ever so often. Prayers for him if you would... Thanks.
We worked in the shop in the afternoon and got some more done on the blue loader, waiting on parts now.
Got my first new calf yesterday morning, seems fine, even with the cold wind. But had to haul off a couple of the boss mans' that dies during the night. Coyote should be enjoying them about now.
Better get, have a great day and be safe.
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Good morning folks. It's 31° here with sun trying to come out. Kinda foggy here on the hill. We had just enough snow and ice to make things real nasty here. About 7" total. I left work early and got everything opened up. Supposed to get into the 40's today so it should melt. Headed out here shortly. Meeting my bud at Bass Pro then headed to the airport. Weather looks nice in Savannah.:)

Gotta roll. Prayers offered. Have a good one.

Good Morning

35 here in NC Ohio with slush left from yesterday's 5 in. heavy wet snow. I need to get the mail box put back today after driving to Carey , one out of three mail boxes were gone from the heavy snow from the plows. Coffee is done and its needed NOW! Prayers to those and country. Safe travels to Travis for the trip home. Mike
Good morning, GoGo. It's 31, going to 49 and sunny. Guess what's in the forecast for Saturday? Yep, more rain!

My #19 U of L Cardinals really took it on the chin last night at unranked Syracuse. Lost by a whopping 20 points. The only good thing about that whole deal is that I was at church choir practice and didn't have to watch it.

Lifting up traveling prayers for Dean's son and for Mr. Charlie. Hope everything goes smooth as silk for them.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Great morning g everyone,

52° with light rain moving it in a bit here in the dirt & rock. Probably won't get to 60° today. Warming trend starting Monday.

The ride yesterday took us to some new places & a few places only the fool hearty should have been. We got down into some slot canyons and found places to narrow to drive.

We rolled up to another another narrow slot & could see the other side opened up but no way to get the buggies through.

Getting back to high ground was a bit of a thrill. Low range & 4 wheel drive along with some careful driving got everyone up & out.

I think a trip to town today to fill propane and stock up is what we will be doing.
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Morning Gents! Its 36º here headed for the upper 40's and partly cloudy. It looks like we have rain moving in this afternoon and most of tomorrow and Saturday. Probably going to meet a bud for lunch and a beer at one of the Breweries in Little Rock and browse one of the local gun shops. You'all have a good one!
Morning all, 45 headed to 55, man the sunshine is nice!!Got to run to town this afternoon and pick up a rifle at the gun shop had shipped their. I finished my two AR pistol builds yesterday, everything but the blade braces, which should be here tomorrow! Was pretty simple, and the lowers I built on are top notch with very tight tolerances. Got to go, remember those in need of prayers, buff out!
49º and sunny in the hollow this morning. We are having a one day respite from the rain which is expected to return tomorrow. The birds are singing their spring song. Next week we are looking at several possible days in a row with no rain and I surely hope that happens. Not much on my plate for today other than lunch with some HS friends.

G'day Y'all,
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