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Thursday Morning

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34° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is to get up to about 40°. We have a Winter Storm Watch for tonight, tomorrow and Saturday morning. We are supposed to get rain and snow and we may get up to 5" of snow all together from this storm.

I was on the road all day yesterday again, in the morning with one of my customers and in the afternoon I had to go to the aerospace company that I subcontract for. Today I am hoping to have this morning off as I have work to do here at home. I suspect I will be at the aerospace company again this afternoon.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Good Morning fellow varminters!!! It's 42 in NC Ohio with spotty rain. The pole barn ceiling project is finished and I'm one old tired fat [email protected]@ I ended up on one end of the metal sheet handing to the guys on scaffolding, finish at 6:30. Think I was asleep by 8. Well on to the next big thing !! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Bartonville Texas, 49 this morning, warmer than forecast. Clear and 74 today.
I went out to watch the moon last night, pretty so I took a picture of it.
Men's group was really good yesterday. Don't have a plan yet for today.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Morning Gents! Its 40º and clear here headed for the low 60's. Had a couple of hours of rain yesterday afternoon but it cleared off before dark. Looks like a nice few days ahead before rain again Sunday and Monday.

Yesterday we drove up to a Wildlife Management Area in the Northern part of the State to scout a place to Turkey hunt. Saw several Turkeys and Deer. Found a place to park and camp and kind of learned our way around. This is miles and miles of gravel roads and trails in the mountains. 70,000 acres of beautiful hardwood forest, steep gorges and shallow streams.

Today I'll be off to the Doctor again for the second part of my new MS treatment. I'll be hooked up to an IV for 5 or 6 hours. If I tolerate this one ok I'll be good for 6 months when I'll get my first full treatment.

You'all have a good one.
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Great morning folks,

34°, cloudy with a little lingering sprinkles left here near Halfway USA.

Back in the driveway last evening as the light faded. It was a bit of a push to get home as some of the running lights on the big double wide weren't working. I suspect a wire has separated halfway down the driver's side. :rolleyes:

2200 miles in 4 segments with a stops for fuel. Weather was cooperative & didn't have any real surprises. The "shortest" route home was a bit more congested here & there and took more time in places. I suspect we will take a longer route next time & cut the travel time.

The Halfway House turned back on without any issues. No water leaks, nothing busted up from the big winds though the yard will need attention when it dries up a bit.

The double wide will need every square inch cleaned when we get a little warmer weather next week. Lots of left over desert dust to remove. The ******* Limo will need attention before the next trip coming up in about 3 weeks.

Good heavens our calendar is already filling in for the year. So much for a leisurely retirement. :confused::D
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Mornin boys...
Around 40 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. Looks like it's 30 here with low to mid 50s coming, also wind and possible snow and rain tonight and tomorrow.
Worked on the branding table we use to brand the calves, broke last year and finally got around to fixing it! Almost put it off till the last minute :rolleyes:.
Also worked in the shop, tractors just need moved out and hooked up to equipment. Then the next ones' can come in. Also some work to do outside that won't fit in our small shop.
Need to go to town today or tomorrow and take some parts to the machine shop to have new ones built.
Tried to call a coyote but no takers last evening, couldn't even make them howl... till I got home then they cut loose :mad:
Better get, have a great day and be safe. Prayers for the needy.
Good to see Scott and Deb made it home ok.
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Morning gang, 43 here headed to 50's! Going to head out to Lexington for 2 Doc appointments today, will pretty much take the whole day, with 2 hours+ drive time each way. Oh well, at least I am making ,I hope the X-ray's show the bone mending where they broke it taking the old hip out in October. Hopefully I can go to using the one crutch with a arm brace again. Well got to get moving, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
good Thursday morning folks. It's 36º here with a cold, hard rain. Lucky it's not a few degrees cooler. Worked late last night and didn't get anything accomplished at home. Work just keeps piling up. I'm transitioning into a new position, not getting paid more yet, and still doing my old job on top of it. Capitalism at it's finest.:rolleyes: Maybe I should vote for AOC? Sit on my ass and let the govt take care of me? Nah. Big-whigs are coming up to our office today. I hope they ask how it's going.:eek:

Better get busy. Have a good one!

Good morning, GoGo. It's 49 and will likely drop down to 45-46 before leveling off for the day. Rain came through during the night and is east of us now. Not sure how much we got, but I didn't wake up, so it couldn't have been too bad.

I've gone downtown each day since Monday, but will work from home today and tomorrow. Today, I have to root for three teams in the NCAA: Murray State (my alma tomater), U of L, and UK. Best chance for a winning team isn't any of those three, though, it's the U of L women's team. They play their first two tourney games here this weekend. I'd really love to see them win it all this year.

Dang it, Skruske, how're we supposed to pray for safe travels if we didn't even know you were making the long haul home? Maybe I just missed it. Anyway, glad you're home and that things at the house are all OK. Sure enjoyed you taking us along via your stories and photos. It takes time to put those together and I appreciate the effort.

I think Voldoc was supposed to be released from the hospital yesterday. It wouldn't surprise me if those nurses didn't find some reason to keep him another day. Maybe he'll pop on here and check in with us.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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Good morning all. It’s rainy and 41 in Indy heading for rainy and 47. Trying to get emotionally prepared for the day. Got an appointment at 11:00 to get our tax return done. Always a fun thing.

The U of L women are the real deal, Mike. The women’s tourney is going to be a lot more interesting than the men, I think. There are a half dozen teams who could win that show.

Have a good day.
Good morning from the sticks of Kentucky and i think the first FULL day of Spring.
That calls for a new flag as the wind and rain left the old one in pretty sad shape.

Doug Roberts. Watch out Judy Brown is headed your way in an hour or so to visit someone. Her friends relatives i think. She is wearing shoes, since she is going to be in the city.

Not sure what i am going to do except feed cows and cats. We had a big cat fight yesterday, Otis the Kat caught Noey Gene the tomcat eating his food yesterday evening. The did the stand off for a while and then Otis pounced on him and fur was flying. They can really get violent.

Welcome Skruske back to Michigan, glad ya'll safe.
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Sunny and 44 in western Ky on the way to 53 w/winnnnnnd.
Went to friends house about 30 min away yesterday to sight in my
Somerset balloon rifle. When I arrived the wind had gone from almost
0 at my house to 10-15 w/gusts. Anyway chalked that trip to a loss,
and hoping for a better day. Ya'll have a gooood-un. LDS
Dean says Good Morning Sunrise from Mt. Blanca.

And Dean has got his Damcows all lined up for the feed truck.
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Good morning

Haven’t been on here much this week so I have some catching up to do.
Sure hope Doc is doing well and getting back to “normal”.
Glad to hear Scott and Debra made it back on their “Around the World in 80 Days Tour”. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures from your adventures.

Jr....those sure are some pretty pictures you’re posting of Kentucky and Colorado.

Picked up a new-to-me Remington 700 in 300 Blackout yesterday. A scope should get mounted tonight and maybe a trip to the range if there is time.

Make it a good day
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