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Thursday Morning

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31° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature for today going up to about 52°. It is suppose to have a chance of showers for the next couple of days but be warm.

It was a decent day here yesterday and I got some of my chores I needed to get at done. It was nice to have a day off when I didn't have to be on the road all day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

It's 40 here in NC Ohio with rain on the way. I did get three garden beds filled with the soil mix yesterday, would like too get some more done before the rain gets here today. I carried the single six with me while driving the tractor but no GH's would stick their head out for sun, wonder why? Time for a cup of joe and get at it. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Bartonville Texas where it's 60 and cloudy, high of 74. Slight chance of rain.
Men's group was really good yesterday, gives me a chance to get out and be around the guys, talking guy stuff.
Today we are moving the RV to a repair shop. Got it all packed up just need to get hooked up. I am adding shock absorbers to smooth the ride. Without them the harsh ride knocks things off the shelves, especially the refrigerator which is in the rear.
Factory tires have a 2 ply sidewall. They're soft and serve as a sort of shock. They are also blow out prone and contribute to poor handling and trailer sway. I replaced them with 14 ply transport tires and the handling is great, the ride is very harsh. Shocks will fix that. I am going to change the pin box to one with an air bag that should make the ride easier by eliminating a lot of the back slap.
Need to be there a 8am. Got to get moving, coffee is finished.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
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Mornin boys...
Low 30s here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Went and checked out a place to take the kids hunting yesterday
evening. Nature reserve lets us take the. On their land on youth day.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 41 with wind on the way, may get some moisture this weekend... bet the wind howls!
After chores and cow checking, I got to work in the shop. Got the plow finished up and out. Brought in the old IH 966 tractor for a service job. Hope to get it out today, but kinda need to make a trip to town for some banking stuff.
Only saw one coyote yesterday but no shot offered. Also saw a couple p-dogs, but didn't take time to wait on them to come back up. They'll be there another day.
Time to get around, coffee is ready and I need some badly!
Have a good day, prayers for the needy and country.
morning folks. It's 32º here with sunshine on the way. Going to be a beautiful day, like yesterday, but I gotta work. Worked thru lunch and worked late yesterday. Got home and didn't feel like doing anything after dinner. Have to work the shop to close tonight, so I won't get anything done. The good news is, with all this work and stress, on the diet front I'm down 13 lbs from Jan 1st.

Well, I guess I better get busy. Prayers offered. Have a good one.


PS...Donnie on Friday afternoon two long beards came across the road out of my place on the way home. Of course we have to wait a whole month more until we can get after them.:(
Great morning everyone,

Mild at 45° with a bit of wind & a high in the 50's today here near Halfway USA. Cool but nice enough to get yard work caught up yesterday.

The breeze prevented us from having another glorious fire. Turns out there is a burning ban in place & I should not have had the first glorious fire either. :eek: Oops.

The ground hog saw his shadow yesterday. I must have woken him while I was running the leaf blower just 20 feet away only 3 minutes earlier. Yep, it was late in the afternoon & I took a break when Deb's dad stopped by. There I was standing by the kitchen window making coffee & the fur ball was standing on the ditch bank looking around. Easy 60 yard shot. No rifle at hand. :confused: I hope you will overlook my transgression. ;)

I noted the wind was kicking up so no oil changes for today. Other tasks can get handled instead.

Going to my oldest aunt & uncle's place this afternoon. Deb if fixin' dinner & we will take it with us. Deb will be helping 85 year old aunt figure out how to do some kind of video chat on her iphone. I'm sure uncle & I will figure out a way to solve the world's problems.
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Morning Gents! Its 46º and cloudy here headed for the 70's. Looks like rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and the weekend.

I'm still pumping water! Finally got the ditch pumped down far enough to see that we were also draining several ponds. We kind of thought that was the case but the water was backed up so far that we couldn't find the drains. Making progress now.

We scratched a hole in a Beaver dam yesterday and hung around until after dark hoping to ambush one or two. We've been pretty successful doing this and its a lot of fun!

You'all have a good one.
Good morning the shop about 6:15 this morning and got coffee going. Welding more spools today then a small horse trailer repair when the rain stops. Hopefully get some truck work done today as well, I need to try to get it painted this weekend if I don't get sidetracked.

I have to order some front end parts for my Blazer....tie rod ends and ball joints. I'll probably order a whole kit to just rebuild all of it.

Hope everyone has a good day and prayer sent!
Good morning shooters and shootettes. 42 with drizzle in Indy heading for middle 50s. We’re gonna’ get to burn some rifle powder this morning......good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. I know that was originally about the Creek indians but you have to drive through a creek to get into the range at Crosley Fish & Wildlife. Hour and a half away and the closest place we can shoot beyond 100 yards. Happy to get a chance to do it, too.

I’ll bring stuff for the BBB or whatever it will be called.

Have a good day.
Good morning, GoGo. It's a mild 50 in Louisville and supposedly could get near 70 by late afternoon. Rain due all day tomorrow and until about noon on Saturday. I need to change oil in both cars, so that might get scheduled for Saturday.

This morning I'm going downtown to join 12-15 other Humana employees at our monthly food distribution project. I'll come home and work a few hours, then have a dental checkup at 3.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Good morning from the sticks of Kentucky where it is a beautiful sunny morning.
Tail end of the posts i guess. Slept in because we could...rough day yesterday spreading Gold Dust.

I wrote a check for $5,000 to the fertlize company boy that sure is a downer.
But thats the way it is i guess, keep the economy going.

Judy Brown did her good deed , surgery scheduled for june 6 i think.
Old boy is about down. He's only 50 yr old so he aint old.
Got to get out and feed hay, rough on the Boss Man trying to it all himself. no help here but JB and she's always gone...some one will find me stuck in a machine someday after 2 or 3 days when they figure out I am gone.

SKRUSKE and DD are doing their good deed for the month helping those old folks, I got to go see my Uncle Mel and Aunt Libby asap.
MPC, you probably won't see this but I shot a groundhog with my AR 15 out the door of my Tractor last year from 20 feet away. Got between him and his Hole my Barn ....and popped him.

No matter How Many Guns Ya Got....
If ya Ain't got One With Ya....
Ya Ain't got No Guns....
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61º and sunny @ 10:00. Going to be another fantastic day. Tarcila is keeping our grandson today and I've already been to the dermatologist and Home Depot. Spent a good part of yesterday working on targets and frames for the UBR matches at Dry Branch. Not sure just how well they all we'll work as I'm trying some new approaches. If they hold up in the wind things should be well. If not it could be a problem. Happy to hear that the BBB is still on.

G'day Y'all,
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