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Thursday Morning

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29° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high for today is to get up to about 45°. Yesterday would have been a nice day if it wasn't for the wind, it was just whipping all day. Today it will be sunny and calmer.

Busy again as usual yesterday as I will be today. The good news is though the weather is starting to look like spring and maybe I will be able to go trout fishing soon.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Good morning everyone, it's 47 here in NC Ohio with rain on the way. Will work on the garden beds till the rain starts, after that anything goes on a sat.. I mean Thursday. I like the picture JR posted yesterday we need to show our govm. people maybe they would understand how we trust them- NOT!!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Bartonville Texas 63,overcast, might rain, high is 80.
I finished up with the pictures yesterday, I think. Now to set them to paper that I can send to the cousins. Not much else going on, need to go to Wal-Mart this afternoon.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Morning Gents! Its 54º and storming here headed for the low 60's. It looks like the storms will be here all day.

Not much going on. The Wife has a Dr appointment this morning and I expect that She will want me to take her because of the storms. That means that we will either eat breakfast or lunch someplace out! Oh well, She's a cheap date.

Probably put up another light and a fan after while.

You'll have a good one.
Mornin boys...
42 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Tucker only heard 1 turkey where we're going to hunt
yesterday morning. Came home and 3 Tom's was.strutting
right behind the house, cant.hunt it...
You all have a gooden today and GOD.Bless...

morning all. 28 here with high 50s later. Wasn't too bad yesterday, warm, sunny, cloudy, breezy, then little rain and a nice wet snow flurry late afternoon that turned the ground white. When it quit the sun popped back out and took it all off.
Worked in the shop most of the day, but had to stop every so often to go check on the heifers. Boss man was gone out to one of the summer pastures to clean the ditches before the run off from the mountain gets down there.
I took one loader and pulled 14 bridges out that are for one sprinkler to cross a cement ditch. If we don't pull them when the water and weeds come down all the bridges end up at one end in a pile where the ditch company drags them out with the backhoe. Just easier for me to do it first!
Better get, breakfast ready.
Have a good day and be safe.
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good Thursday morning folks. It's 45º here, looks like a beautiful day in store for us. Maybe some showers later? I'm fighting this crud like heck trying to keep it from getting into my chest. So far it seems to be working. Hope it goes away and doesn't get worse first. Didn't get anything done last night. Worked late again, then came home and made supper. Have some new electronics coming for the boat today. Hopefully I'll find time soon to get them installed. Need to service the wheel bearings on the trailer, fire up the engine and make sure it works. Season comes in April 20th. Boat could use a good scrubbing too, to get the leaves and bird crap off it.

Gotta run. Prayers sent. Have a good one!

Good morning everyone......46° here this morning and looking like it might hit low 60's. Yesterday afternoon was nice, I got home from the shop about 5pm and fired up the grill for some burgers and assembled my rifle to break in the barrel and bolted a scope on a resurrected Sako 6ppc. Got to my dad's and set up to test fire the Sako first, I had only 15 rounds so I got the scope close with 2 rounds and fired a 5 shot group. They were 58g Vmax over 29.2g of CFE223

I walked down and looked at the target and came back and shot the last 8 rounds.

I got my 260AI broke in with about 10 rounds of shoot and clean. I still have a clearance issue between the stock and barrel at the forend. I can't recall the number in this group.

My last 3 shots on a warm dirty barrel made this nice little spot on target.

This is how it looks now, action needs refinished and it has a temporary bolt knob until the new one comes in. C prefix action ad an older Mcmillin stock I believe. It is a A.B.C. 8 twist barrel finished right over 26".

Ok enough with the picture show I have work that needs looked at.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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48º with clouds this morning, going to 70º later. Got up at 3:00 this morning to take my wife to the airport, she has a speaking engagement in Albuquerque NM on Saturday and is going early to bird. Came back home and took a short nap in spite of a half quart of coffee. Finishing up with prep on the targets and match for Saturday. Still getting calls and texts from more planning to shoot. Should be a good match, with warm temps and light winds.

G'day Y'all,
Shane, that is a good looking rifle. I like traditional looking stocks, guess I just ain't into BR stocks that look like boat paddles with orange or purple paint on them.
Things are warming up nicely here in KENTUCKY but it is Dry,Dry Dry. We have a Burn Ban in place here now, and one of my COW watering springs has already dried up.
Still feeding hay as the grass is not growing.

Judy Brown is somers around Nashville doing who knows what....hope the Wimmen stat safe and out of jail. Told her to call Greyfox for Bail money. Jackson came up last afternoon and I cooked some burgers on the grill. I think he ran off his big titted woman finally....they are a dime a dozen for young feller with a JOB making good money, not to mention a ship in Lake Cumberland. I wouldn't have that money pit if you gave it to me.

Today is Captain Jesse's last day in Company Command. I'm sure he has had a bad week in preparation for the turn over. I have not heard from him for a while. Do nothing I hope for a while and return to the USA about the end if MAY. It's been a long 3 and a half years since he has stepped foot on the USA dirt.

Jackson took me with him to see a friend's camper he just purchased, it is indeed a BIGGUN, He got it used and saved a lot of money.....He is into the RZR stuff and all that goes with it like our friend Skruske.

I'm unsupervised today so I will try not to get pinned in a machine or cut off appendages with a chain saw.
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Good late morning from Indy. 50 and climbing here. Heading out to Greencastle, IN shortly to have lunch with the granddaughter. Don’t get to see much of her since she ran away to college. Might stop by a gun shop on the way home, because. Not much else happening today.

Have a good day.
Morning all, 60 headed to 71 at this late check in hour here in KY! Supposed to rain tonight, we need some for the grass seed and fertilize I just spread 2 days ago. l need to mow today, first time this year but yard is looking ragged. Wife and I ran her to do list yesterday, spent 3 hours running around town and paying bills, going to different stores etc. I find the older I get, the more I like staying at home. A cousin of mine came down yesterday evening, we got out and shot about 7 assorted handguns, had a ball. l sure wish he lived closer instead of Northern Indiana. Well got to go, you all have a good one, remember those in need of prayer, Buff out!
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