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"Not suffering fools well." It gets harder n harder.
The "grace" part is occurring more often, however. Remembering my mind set, callow lack of life experience, helps me cut some slack to those who have no idea of the immensity of what they don't know.

Had a 19 yo telling me how difficult it was to replace his drain plug, tap a hole in his quad's oil pan etc. He had encountered a stump. He said he was going to change his oil when the shop was finished - didn't want shavings floating around. I mentioned that they had probably flushed it pretty well. He knew it didn't have any oil in it bc of the stump, so needed to be flushed.....huh??
My club pistol coach mentioned how difficult it was to get good information. This before the net of course. Ask questions then LISTEN.

There is sooo much info available now. Still have to sort but instead of sifting a bucket load, we have boatloads.

Now, l wish l knew half of what I "knew" when l was 25. ;)
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