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Tuesday Morning

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57° here in Upstate NY this morning, still raining just a little bit. We got 2.4" of rain yesterday but we were lucky we didn't have any flooding that I know of. The high temperature for today is to get up to about 67°.

The power went off again last night for about three hours, this is the second time in about two or three weeks. I don't what is going on there hasn't been any real reason for it doing so. Probably ten years ago it was doing so quite frequently and they fixed whatever the problem was.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning, it's a little warmer today, 56 now, high of 81 with low humidity.
Road trip today to deliver lead. I need some down time to rest sore muscles, though I have to unload 4000 pounds.
So far I have had four rejections from auctions to sell the property and contents. I am getting discouraged.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning all,

50° with thick fog settled in here near Halfway USA. Sunshine & 77° later for today and tomorrow. The hurricane out in the Atlantic has finally moved the weather we've "enjoyed" for the past couple weeks.

The 80% Glock seems to be fitted ok. Time to order a parts kit for the slide & see if it actually works. More yard work checked off the task list & I think we are caught up for a few days. We've had some volunteer trees start on their own in around the house. DD & I took two from their starting place and potted them. We'll get them planted around the yard in the Spring. Mostly as a replacements because other less healthy trees need to be removed.

Heading to the dentist in a bit. That drive will take a little longer because of the fog. DD has her shopping list made out so I'm sure I'll be providing security for that part of the trip. :D

Chain saw clean up & sharpening later. I'll see if I can talk the damncow farmer into cutting a load of firewood when they visit. :D
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Good Morning

60 here in NC Ohio , suppose to have 4 nice days with increasing temps. Will be back to the garden bed project soon as the sun comes up. My Prayers for safety for those in harms way in the Caroline s. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
good Tuesday morning folks. It's 64º here in soggy south central PA. We had a rain/drizzle/mist almost all day again yesterday and today looks about the same. It may dry out a little. Don't know what our rain total is but it's a lot. We have plenty, with lots more to come in the next week or so from those tropical systems in the Atlantic. Sure sucks for a whole lot of people that aren't sure where this thing is going. Mandatory evacuations from SC to VA. How'd you like to leave your house and not know if there will be anything left when you return? What about the Outer banks? Will there be anything left? Miss Sue and I have been talking about maybe buying a place near Hatteras. Times like this have me wondering if I want to have to deal with situations like this.

Well, I guess I'd better get busy. Lots going on here still. Have a good one. Prayers sent, especially for those in harm's way, both here and abroad. REMEMBER 9/11!


ETA - Tyler will be flying home from the Sandbox of Qatar tonight. Flying to Frankfurt to Charlotte to Norfolk. Just in time for ole Flo. I think his apartment is in a flood zone in Hampton, VA. He'll probably have to bug out as soon as he gets back.
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Good morning, GoGo. It's 55 (whoa!) in Louisville, going to 75 and gorgeous. Should be nice the next several days before warming up again.

With all the talk of rain, I forgot to report that a taxi driver in Louisville last Saturday continued along a flooded street he didn't know. The street had some kind of dip or underpass and eventually the car was completely underwater, drowning the driver. I don't know if the guy's electric doors and windows shorted out or what.

Charlie, I failed to report in yesterday morning, but I'm checking Monday off anyway. As for you buying a home on Hatteras, I don't think that's a great idea. I'm glad to hear Tyler will be home for a while on leave.

Y'all have a good day, be safe, and don't drive through standing water.
Good morning

Well up at 4:30 to get a house ready for final inspection today. It closes Monday, then off to the day job.
55 headed to 69ish. I have mentioned before how little rain we get in Oregon in the summer. Well we set a new record this year, 90 days straight with no rain here in the Willamette Valley. The valley has plenty of water in the aquifer because of the Cascade mountains. Low humidity with few bugs make for great summers. Sometime in Oct it will turn and we may have drizzle and cloud cover for weeks if not months. By January I’ll be telling my wife we need to move to Arizona and then she will remind me of the great summers we have.
Have a great day everyone.
Great fall hunting weather is just around the corner
Remember 9/11 and the lives that were changed for ever.
late morning all. 43 to start, with low 80s this afternoon.
Baled till after ten last night, but got another big one done. Over 800 big bales of oat hay. Now to get it all stacked. Another field got cut yesterday also and I got three sprinklers drained and ready for winter.
Not sure what will happen today but better get out the door and find out.
Have a great day and remember those of 9/11 in our prayers.

Good morning all. It's 59 on the way to 75 in Indy. Other than lunch with the Coastie there's not much going on around here.

Remember the date, where you were, what you were doing. Doesn't seem like 17 years ago.

Have a good day.
I have on occasion looked into a coastal vacation home. If I did anything, it would have to be on pilings. Even on stilts you can have big losses, though. Build to hurricane standards and you improve your chances. That is not cheap.
I worked several catastrophe losses was an insurance adjuster and have seen first hand what can happen. In Hollywood Florida (92) we had mostly insured $500,000 and up homes. Most were flattened because the city issued occupancy permits without inspections. The common denominator was the lack of hurricane clips on rafters to keep the roof on. Once you lose the roof you lose integrity of the structure and water gets to all floors.
It was interesting the houses built by the Habitat for Humanity survived. They were simple block or frame structures built to code + .
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