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Tuesday Morning

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27° here in Upstate NY this morning with a high temperature of about 30° for today predicted. We have a very light dusting of snow this morning but I think that will be it for the day.

I will be on the road a lot today as I was yesterday and this week I will probably be busy each day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Great morning folks,

Currently 24° with a chance at seeing some sunshine & 33° later here near Halfway USA.

Progress on the remodel continues, albeit slower than before. Seems like it's gotten to be just a couple old people doing the work. :eek: Trim is getting nailed up. Three windows & sills to do today. More boards to be planed for base trim. DD is adding "finishing touches" as we go. I think that loosely translates into "poke holes in the brand new drywall".:rolleyes:

Rugs seem to be an important item, you know, to cover over the brand new floor. Not no brand new looking rug, it's got to have a distressed look.

I hope she'll be distracted by staining the sliding doors today. :D
Good Morning

31 here in NC Ohio with some light snow predicted. Came home from PT yesterday and fired up the grill , 20 chicken legs and a doz. all beef hot dogs wrapped in bacon went on for a slow and low hickory roast. Good eaten around the Ponderosa this week. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning all. We have 29 in Indy heading for 35 with a chance of flurries. Heading out to stalk some biscuits and gravy then I’ll be getting serious about AR lower shopping. Taking Santa’s helper with me to see what she thinks. Probably not going the 80% route.

Have a good day.
morning all. 5 above this morning, -5 over in town. Could get to 30 today, maybe. Was nice most of the day yesterday with a few flakes and a breeze late in the day.
All the calves are gone except a few that need some TLC to get over whatever they problems they have.
Also moved one bunch of cattle to fresh pasture, hope they get to eat it before the damelk do. We were fixing fence after sundown where the elk tore it down yesterday. Right along the state highway! Hope the damcows stay in, maybe JR would come and keep a eye on them at night and keep the elk out too!:rolleyes:
Boss man will be gone today to watch the calf sale, hope it's calm out so I can shoot the creedmoor again.
Better get a move on, have a great day and be safe out there.

Down to 1 above, wind chill at -5, sure hope there is some heat in the sun when it gets over the mountain!
Whacked another coyote yesterday while I was out doing chores, dumb pup!
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good morning folks. It's 37º and partly cloudy out. Deer were really moving this morning up by my place. One of my little bucks, a 6 point, was seen down the road by my neighbor's. First horns I've seen in over a week. Hope he makes it, he's got potential. Lots of does and fawns around too. Mom was excited to finally get a deer. She's still got a buck tag for PA and we're going back to the deer lease in MD this weekend to give it another go. Maybe lightning will strike twice?

Better get busy. I've been slacking lately due to hunting season, and need to catch up on a few things. Have a good one!

Mornin boys...
37 herehigh on RUGER Mt this morning.
They say chance of snow this week and maybe next.
It's that ti.e of year...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning everyone. Got to the shop about 6:30 this morning and started tacking up more furnace parts....last 2 components. I still have about 120 hours left on it probably.

Anyone else get the 4 damn sponsor ads in just about every forum yesterday?...I know they need to make money but damn they was whoring this bi#%^ out yesterday.:rolleyes:

I need to get back on my little AR project and I need to get on another project soon as I get the machinest to get on it...he's been pretty swamped as well.

WEll hope everyone has a good day and Congrats to Charlies mom on the score.
shane, add an ad blocker program like Ublock Origin to your browser and all those pesky popup ads will go away.
shane, add an ad blocker program like Ublock Origin to your browser and all those pesky popup ads will go away.
Charlie these were Sponsered Posts that appeared as posts I didn't think those would get blocked. Might have to try it.

I don't recall if they showed up when I was on my phone or not.
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