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Tuesday Morning

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19° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature is to get up to about 31°.

Busy day yesterday with an dentist appt. in the morning and then computers in the afternoon. Today I will be on the road all day it looks.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

18 this morning in NC Ohio with the sun still hiding. The weather the past week shows just how well the wood stove in the greenhouse can change a wood pile too a small bucket of ashes. I know my solar batteries have been running low until I saw Randy's post , that jumped the needle up !!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Great morning folks,

Looks to be overcast with 31° but the dampness & frost is chilling if you are outside for a while here near Halfway USA.

I dug into my wood pile & "found" some stuff I'd put back years ago. I cut up some Cherry, Black Walnut and White Oak for Debra Dearest's fireplace mantel. I've had an 8"x4"x8' Oak mantel that Douglas recovered from a demo he did years ago. When Deb saw it she got excited & said "Oooooh can we use it?". It was too heavy and too long & would be very over powering for the space. So far, with Deb's help we cut it in half and smoothed it with the planner.

The other half will get ripped on the saw then smoothed to form columns to support the top. The Cherry, Black Walnut & Oak will add a Mission look when applied.

It appears we will have several hours into this part of the project but Deb is having fun so that's what is important.

Almost done with Christmas shopping. I clicked & shipped a few things already this morning. Beats the heck out of elbowing your way through a store.
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morning all. 14 out here this morning, could get into the mid 40s today. Warm and dry for this time of year, the snow on the mountain is getting thinner, not good for this summers crops.
Worked in the farm shop off and on yesterday. Gaining ground on the ole Dodge, no hurry to finish but shouldn't take much longer. We moved a few cows around yesterday, seems these just aren't happy anywhere, they'll probably move themselves again in a few days. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence... or not!
Gwyn has to work today so better get around and get her car out.
Have a good day and stay safe.
good morning folks. It's a chilly 25º here this morning. Good to be working inside. Would be a nice morning to be in the duck blind but I got bills to pay. Deer were really up and about this morning. My three "pets" Small, Medium and Jumbo made it thru the season. They were bedded between my house and neighbor's this morning. When I opened the garage door, Jumbo stood up but the other two just laid there chewing their cud while I pulled out and left. Down the road, I was slowly easing up to a stop sign about 10 mph and all the sudden, CLUNK, RATTLE, CLANK. Looked in the rear view and a fawn rolled out from underneath the truck. It stood up, shook itself off and ran off. Apparently it's ok. I never saw it. Truck doesn't have a scratch or even a mark on it, thank goodness.

Well, I guess I better get moving. Time to make the dounts.

Have a good one!

Good morning, GoGo. It's a frosty 20 degrees in Louisville but supposed to be sunny and reach a nice 49 degrees by late afternoon. It's due to warm up and be wet as we move toward the weekend.

Just heard a car killed a pedestrian at the major intersection near home that I go through when I decide to work downtown. Glad I opted to work from home again today because the detour around this crash would cost me at least another 20 minutes. Prayers up for those involved in the accident.

For those of you suffering from Black Rifle Disease (BRD), I've just discovered the danger of buying multiple lowers. Maybe two years ago I bought a 3-pack of Aero Precisoin lowers at a good price. I built two of the rifles fairly quickly. The third lower "hibernated" for a good while, but recently has started whispering "Build me. Build me!" So, credit card in hand, I succumbed yesterday and ordered a complete upper, stock, and lower parts kit. I'm warning you, DO NOT buy a lower just because "it's such a good deal."

TAJ45, I sent you a PM. Need some pistolero advice.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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Low 20's here this morning with a good frost from all the "liquid sunshine" we got. We did not receive any snow from the recent storm, but a few miles north of us they did. Calling for sunshine for a day or two, so we'll see if they get it right for a change.
Good Morning

Up to 20 here at 9AM. Long day at work yesterday and it looks like more of the same today.

Mike, You speak the truth about the Black Rifle disease. 10 years ago, I thought I would never own an AR. They just didn’t appeal to my style of shooting. Then I saw Danny Hensley shoot one at the BBB and saw what they were capable of. Thanks to Skruske, I have one that will break Dum Dum Suckers consistently at 100 yards. That may not be much of a goal for some seasoned target shooters but I am quite happy with it. My son picked up 3 stripped lowers a couple years ago and the next thing I knew, I needed more uppers. Fortunately, some board members saw my problem and they were more than willing to help me out.

Make it a good day.
Morning gang! I have also succumbed to the black rifle it is, swore I would never have one, as the colts I sold in the 80's would not run unless you polished the hell out of the bolt and squirted them full of ight weapons oil! Man have they come along way, my .300 BO shoots anything I have put into it in a inch at100yds, and my .223 hovers just over 1/2"! I have to work on my truck battery connections, and get some front tires put on it today, may give it a good trading later this week. You all have a good one, remember those in need of prayer, buff out
21º and clear just after sunrise in the hollow. Going to upper 40's as the day progresses. It's good to see the sun shine as it means the ground on the new range may dry a little, but rain is forecast for the W/E, so it probably won't matter. Pretty ordinary list of stuff to do today, some paper shuffling, keys to punch, postage to print, etc. Nothing special. But if I don't run out of time I need to see if I can find the instruction manual for my chronograph. I've been very fortunate over the past few years in that I've been able to find effective loads for most of my benchrest stuff without a lot of research. Now I have a chambering that few know much about and I'm going to have to work. Fortunately, I have a chrono and Quick Load, I'll just have to figure out how to make the most of both.

G'day Y'all,
KF, I built two back in '93, before the Klinton era and the AWB, an HBAR and XM177 carbine. Then about '03 or'04, got the urge to build a match rifle 'space gun," A3 flattop AR, heavy 24" fluted SS barrel, match trigger, etc. It has become a dandy bench varmint rifle. A tip: others follow them home also.

Good morning from the urban boondocks near Southport, IN. Got 24 now heading for 44. Julie has left me to make my own mistakes while she visits a friend in the hospital. Nice widow gal in her 90s who has no family nearby. Like most her age, things are beginning to not work so well. No telling what they'll find today.

After breakfast I went to Menards to see what I don't need but will probably buy anyway. Ideas are free but they give me a headache. Two employees and a customer wished me Merry Christmas. 'Tis the season! :)

Then I stopped by the Aldi store for the same reason. Our German friends tell us Aldi is the big grocery in Germany. Came away from there with three packs of cookie-like items that I'll let Julie's family test Saturday. Always good to have some guinea pigs before you put stuff out for your own family, ya' know. I got some Pfeffernusse Glasiert, Zimtsterne (guessing at that one cause the Z looks like a big 3), and some Schokoladen Lebkuchen Herzen Sterne Brezeln Vollmilch. Same kinda' stuff we usually have at the BBB only a little different......maybe.

Black Rifle Disease strikes where it's least expected but it's similar to 10/22itis.......on a somewhat more expensive level. You end up with guns that need parts or parts that need guns. The .224 Valkyrie upper left me needing another lower so I'm building one. Only launched the detent for the front take-down pin twice. Waiting on an A2 stock to finish it. Nobody around here keeps A2s in stock.

Y'all have a good day.
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Take heart, there is a way relieve the symptoms of black rifle disease, even if only temporarily. M1 Garands can forestall BRD for a time but then your wallet will suffer from the cure. :D

You will all be pleased to know I have enough parts on hand to outfit all my grandkids with their very own AR. :eek:
Everybody who is surprised by that, stand on your head! 👍
Mike - nothing has hit my PM box.
Last night or today. I forgot to ping you when I saw it late last night.
We are out and about. I'm at the DocinnaBox. Right ear has been "full" for 10 days, tinnitus very much in forefront. Gonna get sum druhgz so I can heere again.
Slowly getting pond gaters slain.
Still awaiting arrival of truck.
Not much else to report. Tom out
Scott, after Garands then there is the 1911 affliction, no double stack, no plastic, real hammers, no strikers. Then there are always revolvers so you don't have to chase brass in the snowbanks.
Good late morning boys...
It was 19 here high on RUGER MT this morning.
Got a nwtf meeting this evening. They [our rep] emailed our Prez that we
wouldn't be doing things like we had for years. Said we spent too much money on food
and there was a list of things that we "wouldn't do" this year at the banquet. Then at the end told him what a good job we had did. We have got the "Best JAKES Event" in the state of Va. 2 or 3 times. I told him to tell him to kiss our @#$ ....
He called the Prez and tried to smooth it over and Mike told him he was done with them. He asked for a meeting..."half way" and Mike told him if he wanted to talk to the group, he could drive the 5 or 6 hours here and do it. They have done nothing for our county and want us to work to help get clubs started up east. Same as always we get the shaft when it comes to stuff like this. They will not get nothing from me no more...
Whhhoooooo...glad to let some steam off before tonight...might not be
Hope you all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...


PS...Somebody might get a call for bail money

PSS...we have made them between $7000 to $20,0000 every year at the banquets
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