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Tuesday Morning

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23° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature to be up to around 30°. We are under a winter storm warning today, we could get up to 5" of snow, sleet, freezing rain by tomorrow morning.

I have a Dr. appt. this morning and then I am going to try and be home the rest of the day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca, 23 this morning, supposed to snow a little this morning, maybe 3-5 inches.
I got all the wet, water logged carpet out yesterday. Today I will pull the carpet pad and if I have the strength vacuum the standing water.
Hopefully the plumber can install two new radiators tomorrow. I would like to get heat back to the lower level of the house.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Morning Gents! Its 55º and cloudy here. It looks like the rain is gone for a few days. The Wife has a Dr's appointment after while and the oldest Granddaughter has a school function tonight so it looks like my day is lined out! You'all have a good one!
Good Morning

37 here in NC Ohio with rain for a day or two. Still fighting the sump pump in the basement. I could hear water running when I checked it this morning. I found that the glue used didn't stick the two elbows and they came apart. After putting them together I looked up and there was a roll of Duck tape, yep two wraps around the elbows and it ain't goin nowhere!!! Be safe and Prayers to all in this storms path and this country. Mike
morning all. 12 with 0 for the wind chill. High 20s for later with a breeze. Cold wind blew 25 to 30mph all day yesterday but no snow! Maybe a little on the mountain.
Travis (youngest son) and I worked in the shop yesterday after chores were done. He got the noisy brakes fixed on my pickup, the little park brake shoes were dragging in the dirt and mud packed drum/rotor. Cleaned them up and backed off the adjusters. Also got the oil changed and serviced up. Big red tractor is now finished too. We'll move it out and maybe work on the yellow loader today. Nice having some young help around that knows what he's doing.
Didn't see any coyotes yesterday, probably staying out of the wind.
Better get, have a great day and stay safe.
Good morning everyone! It's nice and soggy here this morning. Yard looked like a lake this morning when I left. Should finish up the dump truck this morning and get it gone. Just a few little things to do to it. I'll probably squirt a little paint on it to keep it from rusting on the outside.

Today is one since year since my younger brother passed away. Sure has been rough on my mom for sure. He would do anything for anyone and was a damn hard worker. He is missed for sure.

Damn ears are kind of bothering me again and my sinuses are acting up a little, not congested but a burning feeling off and on....probably another round of crappy stuff.

My son woke up about 5:30 this morning puking his guts up so hopefully I don't get none of that stuff either.

Well hope everyone has a good day!
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Mornin boys...
Upper. 40s here highon RUGER Mt this morning..
Yep, rain too
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning, GoGo. It's 55 in Louisville and only going to 57. Like just about everyone else we're on Day 2 of fairly heavy rain. I'm going downtown again today, but it's the last day my I-64 ramp will be open, so I'll be home the rest of the week. Ohio River flooding in February is nothing new at all. It's due to rain all day again, plus we're supposed to get some high wind later today, so I'd be surprised if we don't have trees being uprooted.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. I'm praying hard for a couple of good friends, one with a medical issue and one going through a divorce. My heart hurts for them and I'm asking God to give them some relief.
Good morning varmint persons. Rain and 40 in Indy heading for rain and 45. Went to the indoor range last evening. We were unfortunate enough to encounter the only range safety guy they have who feels the need to exert his authority over every person there. I was brushing up a little before Friday’s LEOSA license renewal. I also always practice a few “double-taps”. Two quick shots at very close range. Did three of them. I find it helps make sure my grip is good besides being close to the most likely shot I might have to take. Julie asked me where I was aiming and I said I’m just pointing at center mass. Mr Safety had snuck up on us and interrupted to say “don’t let me hear that. Every shot has to be aimed”. I suggested he look at my target 3 yards away with 6 holes you could cover with your hand. He said “you’re OK” and went off in search of somebody else to mess with. He found a couple of new shooters who needed him, at least in his mind. I understand the concept but this guy is a pest. Rant off.

Y’all have a good day. Every shot has to be aimed.
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Great morning folks,

Partly clouded and 44° but we will get to the upper 60's later in the trailerhood.

Taking a ride yesterday got cancelled for us at least. An emergency trip to the vet for the foo foo dog scraped $500 off the magnetic strip on the credit card. That works out to about $62.50 per pound.

We did run some errands in preparation for going off the grid starting Thursday.

Mike's part might arrive by Camel caravan today. If so we will get the CanAm rolling & steering on its own.
56º with clouds and light rain in the hollow. The rain continues to fall across Middle TN with no end in sight. I just looked at the long term forecast and there is rain expected on ten of the next fourteen days. The upside to that is that the temp is relatively warm and everything is greening up. The daffodils in my yard are beginning to bud as well as many of the trees. We have an opening celebration for the new rifle range planned for Sunday, Feb 24th and I had hopes that we would be able to hold a UBR match on March 2nd, but that prospect is looking dim. It's one thing to fire off some rounds downrange into the berms. It's quite another to make multiple trips to change targets as well as placing and removing wind flags. Probably should consider ark construction instead.

G'day Y'all,
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It's ok to go off the grid Scott, just stay on the rails. Yeah those by the pound vet bill$ can get your attention. Glad my Doc doesn't do the same with me 😮 .
Being between Doug and Mike, my temp is 49° and like them, soggy as can be. No sun goes w/o saying. Wife is in FLA w "The Girls" but isn't rubbing it in too much.
I started to ship the family set of handcuffs to the condo w a note telling her how much I miss her.
Two would get a kick out of it. The Pastor's widow, mmmm, maybe not so much... Maybe next year?
I need to get the Star Tool pulled apart and see how many shipping boxes are the most economical and secure.
The tile guys should finish up the back splash today but it could be tomorrow as I was out erranding when they left y'day. I could have used the extra hour of sack time.

The mule outdid himself dropping off donations for the future Olympian. More should be arriving today. Nothing from our Green Board Group - yet.

Time to get at it. I hope "It" isn't hiding from me. Tom out
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late good morning folks. It's 28-30º here with rain/freezing rain. We had about 5-6" of snow yesterday and last night, changed to sleet then this. I plowed about 3" yesterday and another 3" this morning and salted/cindered the hell out of things anticipating the freezing rain to make a luge course out of my driveway. Should be okay by the time I get home as temps are supposed to rise throughout the day.

Yesterday I left work early. Re-scheduled my late afternoon dentist appointment to around noon and had a filling replaced. It partially broke. I just HATE Novocain! At least he was nice and didn't charge me since he screwed it up the first time! I got home and about choked on my lunch since I couldn't swallow right. Ended up making a smoothie.:rolleyes:

I spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches on the bathroom. Installed quarter round on the baseboards, and hid most of my mistakes.:) Installed a new faucet on the vanity and managed to do a fair job of re-caulking the vanity edges. I get that crap everywhere it seems.

Supposed to go out to dinner with my team members tonight in celebration of an exceptional year. We made $1.17 Million revenue off of ONE client. I was about 95% billable to that client last year. Our leader is taking us to Baltimore to Fogo de Chao, a high dollar Brizillian steakhouse. Can you say "meat coma"? At least they'll have something that's on my diet! :D

Well I better get to work. Lots to do today before we go. Have a good one. Prayers sent!

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Morning gang, 55 here in KY today, raining cats and dogs. I have not been out of the house in several days, just too slippery for me on crutches! Having a better day after 2 rough ones, a ton of neuropathy pain, and my right leg completely numb. Sixteen months into this, and Social Security and I had a discussion on why I should not receive disability. They offered me SSI, refused my disability, and I reapplied. The state of which I was an employee for nearly 19 years, gave me state disability in 2 months. I sent 12 pounds of paperwork from 5 doctors and 2 Neurologists, to both the state and the Social Security office. They are in the same building, right across the hall from each other in Frankfort. I politely told them that they should take the 12# of paperwork I sent them, along with the same I sent the state, walk across the hall and look at the states reason they granted me disability for 6 major reasons. They still sounded reluctant, so I told them do whatever the felt they needed too, if they refused me again, I would file for a court hearing, and win, and they could then pay me all the backpay, and grant me disability. I thanked them for taking the time to speak to me and hung up. It sucks that after 381/2 years of working my tale off, 40-60 hours a week, and paying in taxes out the nose, that I am denied benefits. Oh well, rant over, thanks for listening.

Shane prayers go out to you and your family, especially for your mom, we are not made to bury our children. I once read that losing a child ages you ten years in one, and for me I know that to be true, after losing my son 17 years ago this April 5th. Seems like the first year of holidays, family gatherings, birthdays etc., are the hardest to work thru, all the times of realizing they wont be there ever again. Prayers for all who need them, Buff out!
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