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Tuesday Morning

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14° here in Upstate NY this morning, it is calm now which is a blessing. The high temperature will be up around 21° today. Yesterday the wind was just horrible all day long with power outages all over. I was lucky in my area, the electric flicked off twice but come right back on.

I will be on the road all day today after being lucky enough to be home some yesterday.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Morning Gents! Its 35º here and clear, headed for 60. Not much going on today. We are going to start a kitchen remodel next week and I will be helping Mama clean out cabinets and move dishes, pots and pans to the other end of the house. Fun Fun! You'all have a good one!
Good Morning from Waseca. Minus 3 now, getting colder before warming to 4 above. Light snow.
Yesterday the State had all of I-35 open by 5:30pm. I am headed south today, down that highway to Fort Worth. With stops in Iowa Falls and Ankeny then Kansas City. The truck has a warning message that the exhaust system needs service, now. So I need to check that out.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

21 here in NC Ohio with a little wind, which pleases me!! Still waiting on the Amish but its OK since there's more rearranging to do and I am not the fastest do'er. Tree buds are showing grass has a life color I think spring is around the corner. Haven't heard how my buddy made it thru back surgery, another friend is going to Columbus today and will pay him a visit. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Mornin boys... high on RUGER Mt this morning..
May go to a Ky ballgame tonight...we'll see.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 15 here mid 40s for later and rest of the week... maybe.
Nice all day yesterday, great day for baby calves to be born, and there were many! Not sure how many are on the ground now after the first week but has to be over 50 already. :)
Worked on the blue loader some in the afternoon, but boss man had me get my old farm pickup ready for a trip to town, three flat tires, very low on antifreeze and oil. Has set for probably nine months with out being started. But got it all done and it fired right up. Now in a shop in town for lots of TLC and new parts. Really not worth the money he's putting in it but it's his money.
I have to go to town today and donate blood, may pickup some parts for other projects in the shop.
Have a great day, remember the prayer requests and our country.
Good morning, GoGo. It's 25 in Louisville, going to 55 with sun. If true, that'll be two sunny days in a row. Holy cow!

I've gotten used to working 2-3 days a week from home, but have to make the drive downtown the rest of this week and most of next. Hope I remember how to put up with the slow traffic.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Great morning folks,

45° before sun up and 72° with mostly sunshine today out in the dirt & rock.

Real nice yesterday but Deb & I spent much of it in town. She visited a chiropractor & got fixed up with accomplish visit for Wednesday morning. Laundry is caught up too.

Interesting part of the day started at sunrise. We got to see 120 paratroopers exit C-130s over the Yuma Proving Grounds and glide for a few miles over to Laguna Army Airfield. Later in the morning a huge cargo plane made a drop then a bit later that one curled and landed.

Easy hiking today. Bone & joint doc told Deb to keep it easy.
good morning folks. It's 23º here with calm winds and sunshine. Only headed to mid 30's they say with some snow possible tomorrow? Not quite spring, but the days are getting longer which is okay by me. Didn't do much last night after work. Paid bills and did our Census form. I crashed bout 8:30 I think. I guess I was too wound up getting home the other night I couldn't sleep. I didn't have that problem last night.:)

Better get after it. Prayers sent. Have a good one.

A bright sunny 29° this morning from the sticks of Kentucky, with frost on everything. Looks like Ken has had enough blizzard and has bailed out for Texas, i hope his heat in the house works this time.
I had a new calf yesterday afternoon and it is doing fine, wish i had 50 like Dean but total is up to about 30 now. With some older hold overs might be 50.

I put in a couple fence posts yesterday and have some jobs lined up for today. First job is to open the door and let Otis Kat out, trying to train him to sleep in his house at night to stay safe.
Skruske is going to have to get DD a Gel Cushion for the RZR so her back dont get messed up.
Damcows are waiting, yall be safe.
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Morning all, 43 headed to nearly 60 today! Yester day was the best day I have had since having surgery 3 and 1/2 weeks ago! And typically me, overdone it, had a rough night last night. Going to do a lot in the shop today, clean up an resize a bunch of 45/70, work on a couple of AR's I am tinkering with. You all have a good one, Buff out!
Good Morning to all of you from up here on the vast snow covers prairie. It is only -5 this morning and the blizzard is over. The wind laid down late afternoon, and it is still this morning. Suppose to warm up to about 6 above today. The weatherman is talking more snow tomorrow afternoon. Possible 1-3 inches accumulation. Really don’t need anymore.
The snowplows came through last night about 11:00 PM. They probably ran all night to get everything open. Schools are 2 hrs late start today. We just finished breakfast and our company that was here just left. They were anxious to get home and see how everything was at there place. Can understand that, but it really was a bright spot to have them here. We have known them for a long time, but the blizzard helped us get to know each other a lot better and enjoyed lots of good laughs. Turned out to be “Best of Times” as VolDoc says.
Well I guess I got some inside chores to do today and stay warm. Hope you can have a good one today. God Bless
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KF, I have to be in Cincinnati, OH for a baby shower in a few weeks. I will have time to kill. Any good restaurants or gun shops on the Ohio side of the river?
That's AC/DC country, maybe Carl P will chime in.:D
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