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Tuesday Morning

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42° here in Upstate NY this morning, we have a chance of showers this morning with a high temperature of 56° for the day. Wasn't to bad a day yesterday we had a little frost to start with but then it warmed up some.

I wasn't overly busy yesterday but still I had enough to do, little computer work and I had membership cards to get out, Today I will be on the road all day starting with an early morning appointment.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Mornin George and the gamg...
56 here high on RUGER MT this morning.
Me and Tucker are going hunting this morning. He seen a gooden yesterday
and didn't go after it because we hadn't talked to the farmer this year. We
talked to him las nite and he said that we could hunt, didn't have to keep
Gotta go, you all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning from Waseca where it's 42, cloudy and going to rain all day. I arrived home at 8 last night and found no internet. Later at the grocery store the ladies told me workers has cut the fiber optic line into town so no one had internet.
Going to work on getting the garage in order today. I can barely stumble through the clutter. I figured out that after 1.5 years of owning this house I have actually been here 6 non-concecutive months. Nothing is put away yet and still some to unpack.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

48 here in NC Ohio with scattered rain. I need some sun for the garden and my batteries! Where's the global warming people when you need them! Need to get busy so I have the possible ability to make it too Buck Creek. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Great morning everyone,

Just a cool 38° and damp with a north breeze keeping it chilly for much of the day here near Halfway USA. A little rain & I high of 52° for later.

Another bucket of .223 is sorted. 2.5 buckets to prep out in the barn if it every warms.

The cupboards are full again & pretty much everything got checked off that list. The list for barn supplies is checked off too so it was as successful day running errands.

Time at the reloading bench today. My recently re-acquired Sako 6ppc needs a tray of test loads as does the 22BR. It might be a bit early but it's time to gather thoughts of the needs for Prairie Dog Safari 2019.
Good Morning

56 degrees on the way to 75 today.
Long day at work yesterday so not much got done at home. I’m hoping today today goes much smoother.

Haven’t been shooting much lately but I found a box of brass last weekend that needs to be sorted and cleaned. I might work on that if I get home at a decent hour tonight.

Make it a good day.
Morning Gents! Its 66º and cloudy headed for the low 80's. Looks like the rain will move in late today or tonight and remain for the next 3 days. I don't need it and the farmers don't need it, but it is what it is. The farmers are a month behind around here.

I'll get out after while and see if my grass and weeds on my Dove field have died yet. Its a little soon but if they have I'll burn them off. I wish I could get that drill today and plant before the rain gets here but someone else has it booked.

Fixin to heading town for breakfast in a few.

You'all have a good one.
morning all. 41 with showers off and all day, blowing and spitting right now.
Got another sprinkler serviced yesterday morning. Had to fix a flat tire on the front of the old IH 966 tractor also. Power company got our seasonal power back on so now we can start running and moving sprinklers. Oh boy, more to do!
Better get moving, woke up with a cramp in my leg, ran from my ankle to my butt, never had one like that before, still feels tight but ok I guess.
Have a great day and be safe.
morning folks. It's 52º here with sun and clouds. Highs into the 70's later. Yesterday was rather chilly, low 60's. Didn't get any rain, which is good. I was able to get the rest of the mulch spread last night after work, sprayed/pulled some weeds and cut off last year's flower stalks. Need another 1/2 load of mulch to finish up. I need to get on the mower too, but with all the rain on the way, it might not get done this week. After I mow, I need to spray for weeds again. It's getting there!

Donnie, my neighbor girl killed a big gobbler yesterday morn. 9 1/2" beard. (*facebook Tiffany Keller) Probably the one that's been going crazy over that way the past 3 weeks. Should be his twin left, I saw them about a month ago. Oh, and you raised a bunch of good kids...better to ask than ruin your hunting spot!

I think waskruse is getting soft, or his blood is thin...38º is too cold to sort brass in the barn??? Jeeze. :rolleyes::D

Well, I better get to work. Have a good one!

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Good morning, GoGo. It's 62 in Louisville, going to 82 and partly cloudy. Rain still due Thursday through Saturday, which is Derby Day.

Well, yesterday sure didn't work out as planned. I worked from home and Miss Cindy was home as well. While I did my work-work via my laptop, she went out just before noon and cut the grass in the front yard. When she came in, she mentioned that the self-propelled Lawn Boy was kind of jerking. I bought the mower used last fall and it's been fine the 6-8 times we've used it.

About 4 p.m. Miss Cindy was out shopping, so I decided to surprise her by cutting the back yard. Fired up the mower and could definitely tell something was wrong. This is a rear-drive mower, so I watched a few Youtube videos, then got my tools out. It turned out that a gear had come loose inside one of the rear wheels and there were ground up plastic and metal shavings everywhere. :eek:

Two hours and a trip to the hardware store got things put back together, but when I tested only the left wheel is pulling. I think I put the Woodruff key in backward, so hopefully I can tear things down, flip that key over, and be good to go. We never had a self-propelled when I was a kid, so Dad never had the chance to teach me anything about them. He did, however, pass on some basic troubleshooting skills and taught me not to fear tearing into a repair job if I thought I could get the parts. Thanks, Pop!

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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Good morning from the sticks of Kentucky where we have 55° and looking forward to a sunny day here.
Yesterday i moved 3 rolls of hay from one farm to another and about got rid of the old hay by feeding it to the Damcows. Starting over next month trying to build up hay for the winter months.
I did some more spraying 2 4 D trying to kill Buttercup in the fields. It is indeed beautiful, but kills out the grass. Heres a photo out the rear window of my tractor.

Here is a photo of the offending weed. Pretty but a pest.

I talked to the Infamous Voldoc yesterday. He has about Put Away his Dental Monitor shingle for good i think. He is running a Daycare for little girls in Cookeville Tn. now and thinking about slinging bullets at prairie dogs again. It was great to hear from him.

Judy Brown is off to a lunch with a church group today. I hope she don't decide to go to Texas and join a group there, cause I Ain't Going.

I suppose i better go check on Otis the Kat, somehow he got into a pan of used motor oil a couple days ago. I guess at the neighbors house as Otis goes there to visit his female cats sometimes. Anyway. Otis is an absolute mess with black oil over his legs, tail and halfway up his body. He has been rolling around in the dirt but it will take a while to get this off. I suppose the fleas and ticks will leave him alone.
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Good morning Gentlemen; I get to read this every once in a while,
2" of spring snow here. Right about 32 degrees. Beautiful day in Wyoming.
Good morning everyone. At the shop and not too motivated yet. I did get our rooms booked for the move out the weekend of the BBB we are staying in Wilmore at the Asbury Inn Thursday evening the heading out Friday Morning to Somerset to spend Friday night and attend the BBB on Saturday. Hopefully the wifes Chevy Equinox tows the little 4x8 Uhaul trailer ok. I should have room for a few rifles...will probably just bring a couple varmint rifles...who knows.

Well Tony found out the 4.3L chevy motor in the free??...boat is the same block and heads as in a truck. And luckily???....we have one here at the shop that was rebuilt with only maybe 50k on it. The carbed intake will go on as will the distributor and I'll weld the exhaust manifold then we'll see how much more it cost him before its over.:rolleyes:

Hope everyone has a good day!
Morning all, headed to 85 here today in KY! Worked on my chainsaw, got it running, need to get a new air filter for it, and cut up a couple of trees down in a field, going to give it a try, do what I can. I tore down a Winchester 100 yesterday, guy wanted the bolt jeweled, it is a pain to get back together! Well got to run, several errands to run this morning several things to get done around the farm, hope I can do them all. Buff out!

Good whatever day morning this is. I think we've save enough daylight that there's 8 days this week. Whatever, it's cloudy and 53 in Indy heading for the uppah 60s. Not a lot going on today. I'll go look around the reloading dungeon and see if I spot something that needs done. Once again, I'm waiting on weather to be range suitable. Went to both heavier and lighter bullets for the .224 Valkyrie. Got some home brewed 53 VMax and 90 Federal Fusion factory loads to try.

The track meet was big success for the great niece yesterday. She took 1st in the 200 and the long jump, 2nd in the 400, and ran the anchor leg in the 4 X 100 relay for 3rd place. 5th and 6th graders only and they often ran boys and girls in the same race. Some of the hurdle events only had 2 runners. The whole meet took about an hour! Done just in time for dinner. Lemon pepper white fish, rice and coleslaw at the Main Street Grille. Since when is there an "E" on the end of grill?

Enough wondering for this morning. Have a good day.
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Weatherbug says it's 73º in the hollow. I just know a seriously beautiful spring is upon us. The hollow is green and spring flowers are still blooming, although the redbuds and dogwoods are well part their prime. Migrant birds are moving through headed north. The martins and tree swallows have nested and are working to produce their annual crop of new ones to carry back to South America this fall. I'm just happy to have lived long enough to see another spring.
Talked to VolDoc early this morning. With spring he's got pd's and prairie on his mind again. I doubt it will happen, but I'm glad he's at least considering it. He says the Birdog is going to MT soon. Hope the weather cooperates with him. I'd be reluctant to try MT before mid June. Not sure what today will bring. I'll start working through my daily list and see where I get detoured.

G'day Y'all,
JR, that Otis is into the feline equivalent of rubber sheets and wesson oil!
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