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Urban deer report..

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One of my brothers has lived 15 miles South of downtown Cleveland, OH in an older area with 5-10 acre lots for 20 years or so. Their lot is 6-10 acres MOL, wooded and adjacent to similar other wooded lots. Have had deer for most of those years moving through and eating trees and other ornamentals. His community like many have had strict rules against even looking harsh at deer - until a few years ago.

Now licensed bow hunters who with the landowners written permission and subject to a permit issued by the city may take deer during the OH bow deer season subject to MUST take a doe before killing a buck. The permit to the hunter allows named family members to hunt under his permit.

The first year ( maybe 3-5 years ago) their hunter took 10 deer. Last year he and his family took 15 deer.

My sister in law says yesterday he killed a doe and that evening his daughter killed a big buck. Says they see fewer deer but can't gauge how many.

They are happy with their hunter and his family in every respect and glad a resource is being used. No issues with neighbors or others. I had expressed an initial concern that the possibility of wounded deer with an arrow attached might escape their property - has not.

I lived in OH 1953 through 1977 (Cleveland and Columbus), had to hunt MI UP deer for many years as no stable, hunt-able OH herd until late 60's. Killed me and my OH hunting buddies as PA had a bazillion deer.

Anyhow I am pleased to see how well this has worked out in this situation. WIN-WIN.

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A lot of that type of thing is going on in Baltimore/DC Metro and Philly and perhaps even Pittsburgh. There are actually organizations that reach out to property owners/communities to try to control the deer population. They must be licensed, abide by state rules and seasons, and must remove all gut piles when they harvest. It seems to be working. I too worry about shooting one and having it run off to die, or worse, wounding one and having an arrow sticking out of a deer that runs off to some "greenie's" place. Have a standing invite to hunt a place inside the DC beltway. They keep telling me about the big bucks and all the does in their yard eating their shrubs, and it's tempting. But you figure the average bow kill runs 100 yards or so before expiring, and they have a <1 acre lot bordered by a public park and walking trail. Yeah, I don't need the headaches.
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Perry Park, KY

A coupla' times a year a group of us take a trip to a golf resort in Perry Park, KY. Just south of Carrollton. There are deer all over that golf course. The first time I went, there were probably 25-30 on the driving range every evening. I've seen them eating flowers right up against houses adjoining the golf course. I'd think somebody would get tired of that eventually. Is that in your neck of the woods, CarlP?
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