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Gun Firearm Rifle Trigger Machine gun The AR-15 Technical Section is intendedto provide the AR-15 enthusiast with a source of information derived fromthe experiences of other AR shooters. Bear in mind that many of these individualsare not certified armorers, gunsmiths or even subject matter experts. Theinformation provided by these individuals should be "taken with a grainof salt". It is the responsibility of the reader to verify the accuracyand safety of this information before acting on it. We, Varmints Den, acceptno responsibility for damage or injury caused by the content of these pages.The AR-15 "EBG" (Evil Black Gun) isperhaps the most versatile and modifiable rifle available on the markettoday. It is known by many of us as the ultimate "switch barrel" rifle.There are more models, variations, configurations, after-market attachments,barrels, triggers, gadgets and gizmos out there for the AR-15 than anyother rifle. With the only exception perhaps being the Ruger 10-22.

You can change the entire function ofthe rifle by simply pulling two pins, removing the upper receiver unitand dropping another one in its place. You can go from a carbine length,open sight, home defense weapon to a 24 inch, heavy-barreled, long rangeprecision Prairie Dog ‘splasher in just a few seconds.

In the following pages we hope to provideyou with useful and informative information that will greatly enhance yourEBG shooting experience.

NomenclaturebyKen Russo

Accurizing Tips
Load Data
Components -Diagrams - Specifications

- Floatingthe Barrel byJohn St.Clair

  • Cleaning
  • Assembly & Disassembly
  • Maintenance

  • Cleaning by Ken Russo
  • Lubrication (Bolt, Barrel, Lower, Upper, etc)
  • GreasePoints byKen Russo
  • Assembly & Disassembly

Optics &Sighting Devices
- CarryHandle Optics Mounting byJohn St.Clair

Shooting tips
Varmint Huntingwith the Black Rifle
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