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VERY UPSETTING (to me, anyway)

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Sad Indeed

Stupid Washington bull$hit.

I hope you ALL have a big party for me when I'm gone. You're ALL invited to attend, or celebrate as you see fit!:D

I'm Doug and I approve of Charlie's post.
The only chance he had to win

was after he chose her to run with him.
From reports during the '08 campaign, McCain's wife & daughter HATED Sarah.
McCain is No Loss!

From reports during the '08 campaign, McCain's wife & daughter HATED Sarah.
Those two would hate any one they saw as "competition"! And, skruske is right, as I've read that opinion in several different books that mentioned the subject!
Sorry, it I'm NOT mourning the old boy, 'cause all he ever was, was a damnRino and didn't do a thing FOR the conservative cause. Another description that fits very well is "arrogant azz--le", too! Very well! The swamp has lost one worthless critter with his passing but the Devil gets a 'prize' jerk!
I hope I do not get Flamed for this BUTT the Trump HATE IMO was because Donald won a election that John Could NOT

Hippy. . .

. . . I believe you hit the nail on the head! Trump WON what the arrogant one thought should have been his!! Can't believe so many people are NOW coming out of the woodwork as McCain supporters! He was vilified and hated when alive and in the Swamp!! Amazing, simply amazing!:confused: Maybe they are Democrats just wanting to make sure he's dead at long last!
If you will think back: At a televised town hall
type meeting this lady ask McCain
about Obama and McCain replied
you can trust him, he is a good man.
That told me he had no ambition to
be the President of the United States
If it hadn't been for Sarah, he wouldn't
have made a contender. She had much
more enthusiasm about the race than he did.
In view of the fact that McCain took the high road with his remark he earned my vote. I never liked Palin but I voted for their ticket nonetheless. There aren't very many in todays politics that I have any use at all for because of their lack being honest and being of high moral character.

I have always been a simple person and take a simple approach to all I do, in politics it is no different, I will only vote for people I like regardless of what party they belong to.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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