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Voldoc and Birdog

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Well guys, The hated Big Orange Tenn Vols. got lucky tonight. If the game had gone a few more seconds the KY Wildkats would have caught them.
Seriously, I didn't even know they were playing until I went to Somerset and the Streets were empty. I asked my wife if were expecting snow or something; maybe they are replaying the Super Bowl or the Daytona 500 is being run early.
We went to Lowes and no one would wait on me; they just looked at me and made snide remarks about Peyton Manning. What???
Then we went to McDonalds and damn it they wouldn't serve me there either. Whats's UP???? I heard the help talking about the KY ...Tenn basketball game.

That's when I realized what was wrong. I was wearing that VOLDOC'S DAMN ORANGE TENN VOLS HAT.
Doc this really happened...I can prove it by my wife. Its a wonder I made it out of town alive.
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Joe=I'm so Proud 0f you I could=

and yes= Ky was a gainin' fast=but I truly luv beatin' Tubby
Keep wearin' you Good Luck BIG ORANGE CAPS
and don't let them KY Deliverence boys make you Squeel=:p
over and out
Doc :)
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