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VolDoc surrounded by nurses

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Talked with Doc just now after spending an hour tracking his arse down. He’s in St. Thomas West Hospital in Nashville. Had a knee replaced yesterday and sounded real good on the phone. Didn’t sound doped up at all.

If you know the phrase “like a pig in slop,” that’s what Doc sounded like since he’s got a bunch of nurses taking good care of him.

Doc said he thinks they’ll cut him loose tomorrow. I told him everyone on the board is asking, so I’d post an update. This is my first attempt at posting from my phone, so it may or may not work right.

Let’s keep the ol’ Docster in our prayers. Might also pray that he doesn’t get arrested for getting too friendly with the nurses. Ha!

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thanks for tracking Doc down Mike. Glad to hear he's doing well. I'm sure he's giving the nurses a hard time and they're giving it right back. :D
Glad to hear he's doing good and making a nuisance of himself.
Thanks Mike...
I think the Mrs...had a set of mittens that are
glued on before he went in...just a rumor...maybe...

He may come away from the hospital
with some new ladies signed for this
summers mud wrestling events. I
know he has the charm to getter dun.
Somewhere between a kid in a candy store and a bull in a china shop!
Good One TDC !

I’ve been MIA for a couple days and just saw the message about Voldoc’s new knee.

Our prayers are with him........and the folks at the hospital who have to deal with him.

Get better Doc. Hope to see you back up and running soon.
Sounds like Vol Doc is doing fine and will probably get in some trouble before he is discharged. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Everything sounds like its going well. Hope he continues to do well.
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