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Vortex Tactical Optics

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I have a question for you serious optics aficionados. I’ve just purchased RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor for long range pds and rockchucks. For optics I was planning to go with a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5x25x50 with the MRAD reticle. Then I saw a YouTube video on the Vortex Diamondback Tactical. The guy had it on a 6.5 and it went through a tracking test with flying colors. MRAD reticle.....5x25x50. What I need to know there that much difference between the Diamondback and the Viper other than $650? Both scopes are also FFPs.

Stay cool.
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The Viper has clearer/sharper glass. Though for the money, the Diamondbacks are as good or better than other brands, dollar for dollar. I also like the tactile niceties of the Viper better. Both will take recoil that has left many others in the dust. My Viper has first focal plane and my diamondback is not, the FFP is really growing on me!

Thanks Steve

I remember an old gunsmith telling me to decide how much I could afford on optics and then double it. You get what you pay for too. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube on both scopes and all say the Diamondback is ‘great for the money’.....but there it is. Most talk about slightly mushy turret click/adjustments, no zero stop etc. I’m going with the Viper FFP with the MRAD reticle.

Stay cool.
I have 4 vipers, 2 PST 6-24 sfp, 1 PST II 5-25 sfp and 1 PST II 5-25 FFP. I usually go for the sfp because I shoot targets of known distances most of the time. I purchased the FFP PST II recently because Midway had a hell of a price on them, $749 plus free shipping. You will really like the zero stop on the PST II. I have these scopes mounted on a everything from a 338 lapua to a 6mm Creedmoor and haven't had any problems.
Thanks Jerry.....

I went with the Viper Gen II 5.5x25 MRAD. Love the clarity. I followed the setup to the letter (bottoming out elevation etc) and bore sighted it. I’m amazed with the RPR, the round....just everything. Can’t wait to get some Idaho rockchucks.
Here’s a pic of shots 4,5 and 6 at 100yds after boresighting at 50.


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I have 3 Vipers and one Diamond back spend the money get the Viper.Everything s3gunner said is correct.
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