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Got the 75 year old neighbor today on the phone she walks 5 miles a day , rides bikes and does water arobics she took pictures of the place and my wife gave her the combination to the front door .All is dry water came up 5' from the garage door and 4' from the back of the house. Lots of damage in the area flooding,wind damage and trees down all over . The power is still out and the feed location is still underwater and the trucks can not make it to the poles . It sounds like
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we dodged the bullet in this one. Water is a good 3'4 feet+ in photo . The people in the neighborhood were kayaking around trying to help. My neighbors yard looking towards our place.
Here in VA we are getting substain winds of 38-40 knots with gust of 50 . The high tide almost made it to the pier we built the pier a extra foot higher than most because of the natural grasses along the shore.
Thanks God .
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