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Wednesday Moring

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Good Morning from NC Ohio. 22 to start another windy cold day. Welcome to hump day for those still working. Time to stoke the stoves and ride the bike that doesn't go anywhere!! Prayers to those and country. Mike
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27° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high for today is to be up to about 34°.

We got about 1" of snow overnight and they say it is possible we might get an additional 1" today. The wind has been blowing pretty good and is supposed to all day.

The NRA Liability insurance we had for the club since 2003 isn't going to be renewed this year by the NRA. I checked around and found us a policy with more coverage for $123 less per year. It turned out to be a win, win situation for the club. I have to sign the paperwork and get it sent in today.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Good morning all....nice and cold this morning at the shop. More stone box work today unless something derails that. Yesterday we got a new end tube put in and fit and tacked the end plates and bottom on. Need to do a little welding then flip it over and fit the wear bars to the inside bottom.

I got a picture from a buddy last night of a nice big buck he shot last evening. I almost asked if he got it from his pen as this past year he fenced off a big section of his property and started raising deer. I believe he has 13 now. I'm sure he's got to much in those to shoot one.:D

Well off to make some smoke and noise today...have a good day and stay safe!
morning all. A toasty 19 to start the day. Could get to 50 today. Fridays storm is playing out, they've now moved it to the weekend.
After chopping the ice and forking it out of the stock tanks and checking water other places for the damcows, I helped feed the calves since the boss man took off early to the cattle sale. Guess we'll ship the calves this weekend for next weeks sale.
Started the big yellow loader and moved it where I can work on it, has major oil leaks on the life cylinders. Not going to be a fun job, and don't know where I'll find parts around here.
Didn't get to shoot the creedmoor yesterday, wind came up by the time I was done with chores.
Happy Hump Day and be safe. Remember those in need of prayer, ( aren't we all)!
22 herehigh on RUGER Mt this morning.
Got a dust'in of the white stuff last night in places.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

good morning folks. Happy HUMP DAY Mike! It's 32º here with Dean's wind machine blowing everything around. A few flurries mixed in but we're not supposed to get anything out of it. Mom's in the treestand out front for a bit this morning. It's a good, solid Hickory and no widow makers nearby to worry about. Hopefully she gets a shot at a buck. I'm at work. Gotta pay the bills.

Well, I guess I should be getting busy. Have a good one.

Good morning, GoGo. It's a fairly nice 26 degrees in Louisville, going to 36 and sunny. It's due to warm up Friday and Saturday with warm, wet winds out of the South triggering thunderstorms and a good deal of rain.

My Louisville Cardinal basketball team beat ranked Michigan State last night and I forgot it was on. Sure hate missing that one.

It is indeed Hump Day, Charlie, so here's the camel:

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. Charlie, I assume you've got Mom set up so you can check on her by phone, right? Hope she pops one.

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yep Mike. She just checked in. Hasn't seen anything. I told her to sit in the house awhile where it's warm and watch out the back door. You never know.
16 here this morning heading to 35 today, light dusting of snow. Gonna stay in the house today, have to go to Lexington tomorrow to pick up a weeks worth of iv's and get the bandage changed on my pic line, gets old making that trip every week, but got to do it! My hip is doing well, the incision is over 20 inches but healed up nicely, told the wife their goes my dream of being a Butt model! LOL! Remember those in need of prayers, buff out!
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