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Wednesday Morning 5/17/23

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37° here in Upstate NY this morning under overcast skies, the high temperature will only be up to about 50°. I will turn off to sunny skies with a wind of 10 to 16mph, we are supposed to get a hard frost tonight.

Yesterday I was on the road for the morning and then in the afternoon I had to help a couple of customers over the phone. This morning I will be on the road once again and then I hope to take it easy this afternoon.

Prayers for all that need them.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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JR ,
Somfang's you just don't lend out. Chainsaw , lawnmower and I know the rest. But she will hop in there and help with just about anything. She don't mind getting grease and dirt under them nails.
Ordered me a new dial caliper today my 49 year ago caliper finally wore out.
Greyfox I use to cut 7 acres of grass every week. I had a 6' finishing mower for the back . I purchased a Scag in 2004 and it has been my main grass mower since. Last year I did replace the electric clutch on it .
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Grey Fox;
I just had a concrete patio 30 feet by 12 feet raised by a company called Lo-Jack and I guarantee I didn’t spend $3500.00 They area franchised company with contractors all over the place.
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Aren't those the people who have some anti theft gizmo for the cars? The Trunk Monkey is the entry level option. :)0
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I have since spoken to GreyFox and the company is JoJack
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