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Wednesday Morning

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69° here in Upstate NY this rainy morning with a 100% chance of rain for today. The high today is to get up to about 75°.

Very busy day yesterday with my being on the road all day and it rained off and on all day. Today will bring more of the same, when it quits raining the grass will have to be mowed that is for sure.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Mormin Grorge and the gang...
64 here high on RUGER Mt this mornin.
They say we might get rain today, temps have
cooled at bit the last few days...
You all have a gooden today and GOD BLess...

Good morning all. 67 in Indy heading for 86 by the time we finish scattering golf seeds. Playing near Knightstown, IN just a couple miles from Shane’s shop. I’d stop by but he’s still on the Montana battle front.

Gotta’ get moving. Have a good day.
Good Morning

68 here in NC Ohio with clouds and high humidity. While working outside yesterday and just happened to have a tape measure , used it on the corn in the tield behind my house 10'6" and that row next to my grass. Thank God the grass is only one tenth that high!!!! Better get some fuel in the mower. Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 51 and headed into the low 80s, with 40% chance of moisture the rest of the week and weekend.
We didn't get any rain yesterday but parts of the valley did. Maybe today.
Worked in the shop most of the day, hopefully got a oil leak on one of the loaders we use for stacking hay. When I went to get it out of the shed I found one of the windows was broke out. Ordered a new one, will take a week of so to get.
Whacked a few p-dogs while I was out making rounds of the farm.:D
Gwyn is going to see the Grand kids today, will be home tomorrow eve. Hope I can survive without her for that long:rolleyes:
Happy Hump Day and have a good day. Remember those in need of prayer.

Well that's a first...typed a long message and it vanished into a black hole somewhere.:confused:

Happy HUMP Day folks. It's 74º and still raining. Some places are near or over 10" for the week so far, with more to come. I believe we're around 7". But the good news is, the cold front is starting to push it off to the east. Good for us, bad for my bosses who are vacationing in New Joisey. This mess should be over by the weekend. I might get my grass mowed after all.

Didn't do anything last night after working at the shop until closing time. Been watching a bit of Shark Week. Seeing who's going to be the first to get bit. No luck so far.:p Not sure what's up for tonight. I think I'll go over my fishing tackle one more time, but I think I'm ready. Looks like a decent weather week in Hatteras next week.

Well, I guess I'll see if it goes thru this time when I "submit reply". Have a good one folks.

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HAPPY HUMP DAY, GoGo. Temps here in Louisville are almost identical to Doug, about 100 miles north. It's 67 now, going to 88 with sun. Our highs aren't that much lower than what we had during the heat wave, but starting out at 67 instead of 76 is really helping a lot. It's odd, but I think the bad heat wave we had starting in June is going to make late July and August seem a lot more bearable.

I'm working from home today which means I'll stay busy, but at least I don't have to make the commute to and from downtown. Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
We are tryin' this morn.

JR is slaying away. "One side is good. Duother not so much"

We are on a walk about. Going find a few more on this BLM.
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