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Wednesday Morning

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64° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature headed up to about 76° today. Tonight into tomorrow we are to get some heavy rain once again and then toward the weekend it is going to cool down.

Yesterday was mostly spent on the road and today I am going to try and take some time and do something for myself.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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69 degrees here and only headed to 78 today. Sounds like the big cool-down is coming so I will be moving some firewood after work today.

Tried to make a purchase out of state yesterday but the NICS system was down. When my son worked at a local shop it happened occasionally but this time the owner said it had been down for nearly 4 hours. I don’t think I’ve heard of it being down that long in one day. It’s not too far from work so I will try it again today.

While watching Kentucky Afield this week I heard a familiar name mentioned. I looked up and there was our very own Koger on my TV screen with a bull elk that he took in Colorado back in 2010. Next up was his wife with a 4x4 that she took the previous year right here in Kentucky. Here are a couple pictures of the pictures I took off the TV.

Hopefully we will get to see a picture of Skruske with his by the end of the week.
Good luck out there.

PS: I have flipped these images every way I know how to but no matter what I do, they appear upside down


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Good Morning

Morning from muggy, NC Ohio 66 now going to 81 today and that looks like the end of hot weather for the year. Set a trap baited with dog food at the groundhogs front door , see what happens today. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Great morning folks,

29°, breezy, a little snow and today's high is to be 32° here in southwest Wyoming.

Chores were handled yesterday. The 300 mag is holding 300 yard zero. That was expected as I had it zeroed at 250yds back home.

I doubt the mud stiffened any out in the desert so we won't likely venture away too far today. Maybe tomorrow.
morning all. 35 with only the high 50s for today. We got a few snow flakes late yesterday but none on the ground. Mountains are white low in the timber :).
I got one swather serviced for the winter. I like to get the oil and filters all changed before they are put away so next spring that chore is out of the way.
Jury duty today, hope I don't have to serve, could be a two day trial.
Gwyn got home from Denver safe and sound. Had rain and snow most of the way home.
Better get, Happy Hump Day.
Good morning folks. It is 69° here this HUMP DAY. Days are getting shorter. Cool down on its way. Few more days to work then I have a couple short, 3-day weeks coming. MD muzzleloader is next Thurs to Sat and the next weekend we are fishing in Delaware with SRM and some friends. Have to run out for a meeting this morning. Wrapping up a big project just in time for the rut.:)

Gotta run. Have a good one.

Mornin boys... high on RUGER Mt this morning. With ra8n.
Got t9 smell sm9ke yesterday, felt good.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

HAPPY HUMP DAY, GoGo! It's 70 in Louisville, going to 82. The weather guesser on TV says he's gonna tell us when to expect our first frost, hinting that it'll be soon. Last year I don't think we had frost until December. I'm probably wrong about that, but I seem to remember it was real late.

My little brother and his wife arrived down around Gulf Shores, AL, last Friday, then had to evacuate and drove home on Tuesday. He said those folks were real serious about this storm and when they ordered the evacuation most folks were actually leaving.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Good morning from the south side of Indy where it’s uppah 60s heading for the middle 70s with a fair-to-middlin chance of rain. Supposed to play a golf tournament today. May need amphibious golf carts. Prayers for those in the Florida panhandle.

Have a goid day.
Not so sure Fish iffen we're going to make 80° today. O'cast an hour nawth of the river that separates us and barely 70° w a nice breeze.
We had a nice two day stay at an OH State park just N of Cinncy. Back home y'day. Folks from a previous church group wifey and her passed husband knew/know get together yearly for Euchre, hiking, golf, loafing etc. It was a great lodge, priced well, laid back.
A fun time. We ate at a Biergarten downtown one night. Smack in the middle of Miami University, Oxford, OH. I had forgotten how many tight little tushes there were on an University campus ... 🐵
Fall finally at our doorstep, yippee!
I feel sorry for FL and the rain that will follow in the Carolinas. I'll have to remind myself when we have 8° for a high come Feb. I just don't miss it.
Time to get around for Bridge lessons at the library.
All Y'Alls be well, have fun and stay upright. I'm off the cane but still have a limp but every day is better. About a text book recovery. ....🙂🙂🙂....for sure.
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Cloudy and 70ish in the hollow. Looks like today will be the last of the warm ones for a while. The high on Friday is forecast for 60's. The week has been uneventful so far. Today I have a visit with the dermatologist to have a layer of my face burned off. Isn't as bad as it sounds though. They do a chemical treatment that stays on for 3 hours, then a light treatment for 16 minutes. Makes for a nice sunburned look, but isn't really painful. It removes the precancers. I've had it done once a year for several. Medicare pays for it and it's good prevention. But I do have to have a basal cell cancer removed from my nose in a month or so. That's a little more uncomfortable, but it beats having your nose rot off.

Our new range is coming together. We had the gravel base for the slab laid down yesterday and the trusses for the range shed were delivered. Hope to be burning some powder next month.

G'day Y'all,
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Good morning everyone.....starting to sprinkle here at the shop right now so that means I need to get ready to go weld some stainless guards on a field sprayer soon as they shut it down. Shouldn't take too will take longer to load the truck and get there and back than to do the job I'm sure.
Took my weaver 36x off my Sako yesterday and put it on my 221 fireball and got it sighted in. I did make a trip by the hog barns yesterday evening then again this morning and seen nothing. Tonight if I don't get distracted again by a movie I will go out and set up a few places and see what happens. The guy that owns the hog barns sent me a text and said there was a coyote behind his house about 11pm not long after I left the other night.

I'm thinking real hard about trying one of the new ATN digital scopes on my AR for coyote hunting...I would love a thermal scope but they are still pretty dang pricey.

I have been trying to give up on drinking pop this week and been good so far but yesterday I was using a liquid flavoring for my water and didn't notice until the end of the day it was loaded with caffine in little fine print. Today I am using something different and starting to drag ass already. Not sure if its just the lack of caffine or the combo of that and a lot less sugar. I need to start cutting back on some other stuff to and see if I can shed some of the 20-25lbs I have picked up since I quit smoking almost 3 years ago.

Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe!
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Shane, I have to watch caffeine carefully because of my Afib. Caffeine is in most soft drinks, whether they are diet or sugar containing. Many diet root beers are caffeine free, as are diet Sierra Mist. Caffeine free Diet Coke is okay. Most orange sodas have caffeine in them. You have to read the labels carefully. Hope this helps.
Shane, I have to watch caffeine carefully because of my Afib. Caffeine is in most soft drinks, whether they are diet or sugar containing. Many diet root beers are caffeine free, as are diet Sierra Mist. Caffeine free Diet Coke is okay. Most orange sodas have caffeine in them. You have to read the labels carefully. Hope this helps.
I have pretty much been water only so far and might try to keep it that way. I was probably drinking 4-5 20oz Mt. Dew a day....that's a lot of sugar on top of the probably crap food.:rolleyes:
I've been drinking 3/4 glass of ice water with either a splash of lemonade or unsweetened tea. Feel much better getting off carbonated drinks. Not as bloated. Still fat as hell. I like to eat carbs. :eek:
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