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Great morning folks,

About 40° with cloud cover yet again here near Halfway USA.

Busy day yesterday. Dentist first thing in the A.M. Then "looking" at stuff to finish up the remodel job. Not one bit of mud got smeared around. The Chief Interior Design specialist required a last second change. Had to extend a partition wall, run an additional outlet. At least we were able to reuse a couple pieces of paneling on one side so only a little more drywall on one side to deal with.

Back to the dentist this afternoon.

Mud slinging will commence in 3 - 2- 1...

But I seen where waskruske might have a new career in a new farming endeavor there in Michigan.:D
I fully expect to be stopped every time the ******* Limo crosses into Indiana. :D Just having Michigan plates will be probable cause. Watch for the red & blue lights and Chinese fire drill at the I-80 & I-94 split. :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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