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Wednesday Morning

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25° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for the day is only supposed to be about 30°.

Yesterday we had a little bit of snow right in my area but areas around me got up to 2". We had some rain and that cleared the snow off the ground. I am glad it wasn't to bad as I was on the road all day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

20 here in NC Ohio with sun on the way, but cold. Another PT appointment early today so best get going. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning, 24 in this north Fort Worth suburb. High of 47 and clear. That means the water line is frozen again.
Had the truck checked yesterday for abnormal front tire wear. They said nothing wrong. But they swapped the front tires right to left to compensate for the wear. Bill was 25.00 so not complaining much.
Need to finish repairs on the RV roof today.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Mornin boys...
36 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Supposed to be our best day of the week today
and I'm stuck on a lift putting up tiles and lights
in 1 of our gyms. About to get it finished and I'm glad.
This overhead stuff is working on my back and my lower stomach
where I had the surgery years ago.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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Good morning everyone I got to the shop at 6am again today....I'm on a pretty good stretch of getting here early. There's a lot going on though so the extra hours are needed for sure. Getting over my sinus infection but the crap that is in my chest now is brutal... coughed so hard the last few day my back is sore. Hopefully the antibiotics knock it out quick. My son has it now so he was out yesterday.

Day before I had my Miller 304xmt welder take a dump:mad: We have been running fluxcore with it but nowhere close to running it hard and the damn thing lost output. I opened the case up to inspect and theres a capacitor in there that's looks to be leaking and with a meter it is completely open so I got a new one on order and hope that fixes it or it goes to the shop that charges $80 an hour and has a 2 week backlog.:rolleyes:....sounds about like weld shops right now! These damn new welders are all circuit boards and little expensive gizmos. I have a 302 legend generator that the main board went out in and it is about $1500 just for the board. I hope the Cap fixes my welder and it don't need any boards for sure.... sometimes there are Caps in there that explode and it wipes out all of the boards and you got a $5k pile of junk.

Well off to make smoke in the shop and burn wire hope everyone has a good day!
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morning all. Warmed up from yesterday, starting off at 10 and no wind! Should get to the mid 40s today.
Heart echo went well, now to wait for the results.
We got 270 damcows preg tested by 12:30 yesterday, the vet really went thru them fast but have lots of cows that weren't bred. Guess the poor feed because of the drought is probably the cause they didn't breed back.
Some time today I need to get our old furniture out of the living room and make room for the new tomorrow. :)
Better get to breakfast, Happy Hump Day, have a good one and be safe.
good HUMP day morning folks. Saw a gimpy spike in the yard and three little bucks in the neighbor's yard this morning on the way to work. Must be a hot doe around. The bucks looked ready to HUMP something. Kinda like that mailman I guess? Got the loins cut out of my buck before dinner last night and got them all cleaned up. I found my broadhead that broke off in the spine. It took me a good bit of effort to yank it out of the vertebrae. An inch or two higher and the buck would have probably lived. An inch lower, might have been a long, tough tracking job.

It's 32º here with partly cloudy skies. Got some "weather" coming tomorrow. Maybe some white stuff. I surely hope not. I guess tonight before I finish butchering I should put the battery back in the 4 wheeler and make sure it starts, and put the plow blade on. If I do all that it probably won't snow.:rolleyes:

Well I guess I better get busy. Prayers offered. Have a good one.

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