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Wednesday Morning

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33° here in Upstate NY this rainy morning and also windy. The high temperature for today is only suppose to be about what it is now. There is a 40% chance of snow and 30mph winds.

I was on the road all day yesterday and I am hoping to spend a little bit of time here today. I have paperwork that needs to get caught up.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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30 degrees here and wind is blowing like crazy. I took advantage of the 63 degree weather yesterday and did a little outside work. Also moved some firewood closer to the house and have another load on the trailer waiting its turn.
No work today so I am meeting with a building inspector this morning and have a dentist appointment later this afternoon. My teeth got a pretty good workout over the holidays so they probably need to be sharpened again.

If the wind lets up, i’ll Probably head to the range. If not, I have some 45 LC and 357 brass that needs to be loaded.

Make it a good day
Good Morning

Good morning George and others still thinking about getting up!! 33 here in NC Ohio with milder winds and falling temps. Yesterday was extremely windy ( by Ohio standards not Dean's ) with gusts to 48 mph and its still blowing at a good clip. Watched the President speak last night which I agreed but I do believe if b pelosic put on any more make up it would have been dripping off under the TV lights! Be safe and prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning from Trinity Texas, 59 now, 61 for the high.
The painting continues. Two rooms left to roll then finish cutting and trimming. One bathroom that will be a time consuming brush job. One bedroom has wood siding on the walls with 4" flats ans 3/8" grooves. Flats are rolled, now it's painting all the grooves. Need to make arun to town this morning to get supplies,.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Mornin boys...
Phone says 40 and the 1 here at the house says 26 so
probably somewhere in the 30's here high on RUGER Mt
this morning. Wind blowed hard all evening and some last nite.
They say maybe some white stuff and teens tonight.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 10 to start off, mid 30s later. Sure glad we could share the wind with everyone east of us. It was calm here yesterday!:D
I even got a chance to sight in the new Sig scope on the creedmoor yesterday, my bore sighting was only a couple inches off dead center! So only had to adjust it once. Didn't fire off any of the test loads as I had other stuff than needed done.
Finally got the new starter on the blue loader. Only took about three hours this try. Had to cut, grind and bend a couple metric wrenchs to make then work, but it's done!
Not sure what will take place after chores today but better get around.
Have a Happy Hump Day and be safe and warm.
Good HUMP day folks. It's 43º here but not for long. Cold front blew threw last night and temps are gonna drop. We got a pretty good shower or two out of it, but no white stuff yet. They say we might get a flurry or two today. With hunting season winding down, I'm ready for spring.

Better get moving. Prayers sent. Have a good one.

Great morning folks,

25° with a little white stuff on the ground and a little white stuff in the air here near Halfway USA.

A bit more creative fabricobble doings yesterday while it was a comfortable 40° outside. According to regulations at a couple managed sand dune areas around the country, an 8' whip and 6"x12" orange flag is required. That's so other riders have a target to focus on when they crash into you. I am making mine out of a CB antenna and an old plastic snow sled for Deb's RZR. I figure it to be uch more durable than those fancy & expensive "official" flags & masts.

Odd thing though. Amazon is great about getting things set on our door step in two days. It's been 9 days now since I ordered the 102" antenna. Amazon did their part & passed it off to "the carrier". Good old USPS has had the thing in Michigan for 4 days & can't quite figure out how to actually deliver it. :rolleyes: No it is not a 102" package. It is coiled up. Perhaps today will be the magical day.;)

The list of items to pack is growing shorter. The list of Debra Dearest's wardrobe for travel is growing larger.
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Good morning everyone...nice and toasty this morning at 24°.:rolleyes: Windy as hell to the shop and the power was out so I have been sitting in the dark for the last hour. It popped of yesterday too for about 10minutes, luckily the mills were not mid cut but it did cause a hiccup on restart o one of them.
I'm waiting on coffee then I have to hook up the trailer and head out to pick up some material I had on order for my flatbed. I hope to get started o it today if I can as the truck has bee here sitting for 6 months or so probably.

My buddy Tony and his family flew out to Florida this morning to attend a wedding and he has a fishing trip planned for tomorrow so the shop is dead today until his partner returns so hopefully no one comes in looking for a machinest today.

Well guess I better check on the coffee and fire up the truck and get ready to roll.

Hope everyone has a good day!
GOOD morning from the sticks of Kentucky a bright sunny day in store foe us starting from 35° headed up just a bit, but down to 20 tonight. Winter is back.
Moving stiff and slow from all the digging a couple days ago. Damcows to be fed but they are standing in the sunlight now.
The wind did blow hard yesterday and was tough on Confederate Flags . I have a baby calf in the Barn and we are having a tough time getting it to drink milk from a bottle. Who wants it? Skruske, it would be a good traveling companion for you. Sit in DDs lap real good.
Congratulations to Dean getting the starter replaced on the loader. I'm not sure what the day will bring, but no doubt something will Break.
From North Montana

20 degrees a cool SE breeze . Snow cover @lower elevations pretty much gone .
Saw a couple Jack rabbits so that's a good sign , they have been a bit scarce the past few years.

Wishing all a good day in the making.
HAPPY HUMP DAY, GOGO! It's 33 in Louisville, going only to 36, then dropping to about 20 tomorrow morning. The "feels like" out there right now is in the low 20s, which means there must be a fair breeze. As others have noted, it blew like crazy yesterday and last night.

Mikey (MPC), you're correct about Pelosi's makeup. If you were watching closely, she never smiled, never had much expression at all. My theory was that if she showed any emotion at all, her carefully applied plastic mask would surely crack and we'd see the ugliness just beneath the surface. That's not political, right? :)

Please say a prayer for my longtime buddy from college, Mike Garrett. He went under the knife about an hour ago for a second heart ablation procedure. It's supposed to take 3-4 hours. Hopefully it will eliminate or reduce some heart arrhythmia he's been having.

Y'all have a good one and be safe out there.
40º and sunny in the hollow, going a little higher through the day and into the low 20's tonight. No big deal for January. Had plans to do a layout for the pistol bays at the new range today, but the secretary has fragile health and says the wind chill is a little low for him, so we'll postpone that. Which leaves me with free time and no supervision today. Might be a good time to do some loading, we'll see.

G'day Y'all,
Morning Gang, 34 here and a high of 36 today, down in the teens tonight, big change from 50 night before last! Talked to Scott and JR yesterday, thanks to both of you guys. I think I did pretty well on an auction, bought 6 billet AR recievers, all black and 4 finished lowers made from billets. Got to run some errands, and get some big boxes, sold a bunch longrifle stock blanks, got to get them shipped. You all have a good one, buff out!
Got the truck washed in the warm 20-35mph winds y'day. The wind never quit. It ran all night long and is still abt 20 today. Carl, I don't think range time will be very productive today. I'm heading to the shop to start organizing. There is so much accumulation from the years, it's almost bigger than I am. On hour, one day atta time.
Had my shower, church tonight lost a couple of pounds, gun show next w/ is good. Tom out
Good afternoon

Unlike Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, I'm the lastest with the leastest. Ain't hit a lick all day and ain't planning on hitting one. At 2:30 in Indy it's 26 and that's all we're getting. About an hour and a half ago, the sun was shining bright and it was snowing. Still a few flakes floating around but it's not sticking.

Finally did some shooting last evening. Broke out the old S&W 686-3 IPD issued me in the early 80s. The single-action trigger pull on those old wheel guns is SWEEET and the DA pull isn't bad either. Gotta' pay that gun more attention. Next time I'll run some .357s through it just to draw a few looks from the folks at the indoor range. I noticed the young couple in the lane next to us stopped shooting to watch when Julie was taking a turn with the Smith. Looked like they'd never seen a revolver before. Made me wish I'd kept the 629 I had a few years ago. It would sure as hell get your attention. :eek: The range safety officer had his hands full with three young men who had each rented an AR. They checked in right ahead of us and the clerk told me they had never shot before. I asked to be as far from them as possible. Best he could do was 2 lanes away but the RSO was hovering over them so it wasn't too bad. They were all-grins when they left. So was I!

Have a good day.
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Yes, revolvers are fun, and usually pretty darn accurate. I already had a 8-3/8" 586 for years when I found a huge sale at a LGS a couple of years ago, so I got a 6" 686 to fill out the pair. S&W triggers are still nice, but will get better with a few hundred more rounds. I like revolvers a lot, especially in the winter, since it is easier to put away my brass, instead of picking up brass from a semi-auto in the snow drifts. That also reminds me that I need to load up a bunch of pistol ammo. I better get on that.
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