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Wednesday Morning

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25° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today will be up to about 33° they say. We have a chance of a wintry mix and then or also snow up to 1" today.

I was on the road all day yesterday and will be for at least part of the day today. I know tomorrow is going to be the same also.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning, it's 50 and cloudy in Trinity, high of 57 with 40% chance of rain.

Work continues on the staff house. All the painting is finished, carpets removed, floor scraped for laminate. Waiting in the vapor barrier to arrive. Might be an easy day.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

30 here in NC Ohio with a little ice to make things slick. I don't like what they are predicting for northern Ohio this Saturday. But I have one trip to make today and nothing else till next Wednesday. Time to have a cup of Columbian and throw another log on the fire. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Great Morning folks,

52° with cloud cover here in a big damn trailer park in Yuma Arizona.

The last hour drive getting here yesterday on I-8 was a wash down from rain. The ******* Limo & doublewide needed it. No real issues traveling except for one. Had to brake REALLY hard for one dumbass near Phoenix & afterward i could hear a brake grinding on the front. Hopefully I didn't ruin a rotor. I carry an extra set of pads & will change them out in a day or so.

Going on a trail ride with a group today. 4-5 hours with a stop somewhere for a picnic. I suppose a MRE will do. :D

Now you people behave while I'm pretending I'm retired.

Edit to add. My body clock is running at least 4 time zones faster than here. Going to be an adjustment that's for sure.
Morninboys... highon RUGER Mt this morning..
Feelin a little better and at work.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 12 here with a slight chance of snow and a 100% chance the wind will blow. Warmed up over night, was down to about 5 above at nine last night.
Worked around the shop again yesterday, didn't start on the yellow loader but worked on the seeder instead. Needs a hydraulic pump re-built. Got it off the seeder and now just need to get it to town.
Saw a couple coyotes out and about yesterday, but no shots taken. :(
Gwyn has to go over the mountain today for meetings this afternoon and tomorrow so I'll be on my own, hope I can survive :rolleyes:
Better move along, Happy Hump Day. Have a good one.
good HUMP day morning folks. It's 31º here with clouds. Might see some sun later they say. Snow and ice coming for Thursday and the weekend, and they are already watching another storm for next mid-week. I have a bad feeling about the rest of winter.:rolleyes:

Got a lot to do today and come in the office to find the painters are taking over. Working in the office next to mine, using mine as a staging area. Crap everywhere. Ah well...least I'll probably get a buzz out of it.:cool: I'll have to move when they do my office. Hope they get in and out fast.

Have a good one!

Good Morning everyone. Low 40's here but forcast to rain and get cooler. Been down in my back for a week. Yesterday was the first day I was out and about. Prolly take it easy today. May tinker in the loading room a little. You'all have a good one!
HAPPY HUMP DAY, GoGo. It's 36 in Louisville, going to 40 and gray, gray, gray. I guess maybe gray is better than white, right? Couple of out-of-town buddies were supposed to come visit on Saturday and attend a Big Gun Show with me, but they're already beginning to waffle due to expected precip. We're talking a 45-minute for one guy and 90 minutes for the other. They'd never make it on some of the marathon PD Safari drives I've been on. :D

I'm heading downtown today after working from home the first two days of this week. Maybe ol' Pappaw can get a hug or two from the women on my team. ;)

Y'all have a good Hump Day and be safe out there.
Good morning

From the farwest. It is 40 heading to 46 today, rain every day till next Tuesday
Scott Phoenix driving on the freeway was a little different for us. I have not lived in a big city for a lot of years. Here the traffic is required to move over or brake to let you merge. Pennsylvania is not that way, it is your job to find a spot to merge. I thought while in Phoenix that might be the case. Speed limits are suggestions and every man for themselves. That being said I wouldn’t mind living there. It beats Seattle hands down.
Good morning.....checking in a little late...went out and made a couple sets last night and man it was windy. 2nd set was better but wind was not in our favor as we had a coyote run in and locked up at 60 yards with his nose up in the air then bolted before a shot could be made.

Little bit of welding today and some working on the truck bed hopefully....I need to get on that and get it all set up.

Well have a good day!
Not much on the day's burner other than church tonight. I've switched from TH men's Bible study to Wed svc. Had been a regular for 2 1/2 yrs but we were getting further away from a Biblical teaching and I to "are they really saved" if this and that. Might as well discuss how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.....jmo. Give me something solid, scripture based.
The '99 Chev p/u sold yday. Golf cart is next. Big gun show coming ng up as Mike stated. I started to pop for a table but didn't like the long range weather rpt and the fact a playoff game was scheduled. Tables are $100-125 any more. Get two tables for your stuff and it takes a while to get back to zero, and I got a lotta stuff to move. But, never any guarantees of course.
Time to visit the kitties, Tom out.
36º and mostly sunny in Middle TN this morning. I'm late to the party as usual. I'm up early but don't care much about communicating before I get behind a pot of coffee and then things get busy. Had a fair amount of important things to do and have caught up with most, but have some financial stuff in about an hour. Just talked to my bullet maker and found out how much I owe him for the bullets I ordered. Maybe I could sell my firstborn to pay for it, but here significant other might take issue with that. It seems the gun club is not blaming me for the rain, but they are chomping at the bit to get out there. We're considering an abbreviated range day in a couple of weeks to let folks just fire into the berms without placing targets. Whatever makes them happy. Can't do much about the rain.

G'day Y'all,
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