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Wednesday Morning

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9° this morning here in Upstate NY with a high temperature of 12° expected for today. Tonight and tomorrow till Friday we will be in a Wind Chill Advisory, there is to be a deep freeze. Then it will start warming up again over the weekend.

I was on the road again yesterday and will be today also. We ended up with about 3" total snow fall yesterday. They say we could get an inch more today but the problem is going to be the wind and cold.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning. Zero in Indy and dropping to -10 by 10:00. Maybe a little snow. Good day to do next to nothing. I am the guy for the job! Stay warm.
Good Morning

Good morning from the frozen tundra of NC Ohio with -2 and 23 wind - and its not right!!!! Throw another log on the fire and stay warm. Prayers for all thru this and this country. Mike
Mornin boys...
15 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Had to work late yesterday. Heat pump was out in
1 of the buildings and helped put a compresser on it. Got it
working and went to eat a bite and came back and it had quit
again. Got home about 11:30 . Woke up my normal time but will
probably go in late this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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Good Morning from Trinity. 38 and cloudy, high of 52. Several days of rain moving in.
I finished the staff house yesterday so my work is officially wrapped up.
We are talking about pulling up to Fort Worth in the morning. I would like to go to Houston for a couple of days, but the rainy forecast makes it look less like fun.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
4* and dropping. no wind yet. ice fishing is in place but at 3 inches of ice, not for me. I need a couple of more inches, say 20, to feel comfortable on the ice. and then you have to drill holes in it!.
morning all. -7 with wind chill of -18. I know that's warm compared to some of you but it's still cold. At least we don't have any snow to fight.
Had to work on the old Dodge feed pickup again yesterday, starter was loose but still working. Should be good for a while again now. Had to shut off the water to the heater core as it's leaking on the floor and fogs up the windshield!
Several coyotes out and about yesterday, didn't whack any. Have dead cows in three different places and a dead deer also, just a matter of time before a dead coyote can join them. :D
Should go to town today and get more parts so I can keep working in the shop where it's warm! But I hate going to town!
Have a Happy Hump Day and keep warm and safe out there!!!
Good morning folks. It's HUMP day and you better keep covered up or you'll freeze your HUMP off. It's 12º here with the worst to come. Front is supposed to come thru about noon with more snow squalls. We had about 3" last night. I got home and plowed before it turned into an iceberg, then it snowed a dusting on top. Made navigating the luge...I mean driveway a little interesting this morning. Got to work and our contractor plowed our lot and it is absolutely treacherous. I salted the hell out of things but we're paying those guys big bucks to clear our lot, not turn it into the next Olympic ice rink!

Have the HVAC guy coming to check the new heat pump some time this morning. Something's not right, our electric bill nearly doubled. And I can't get just the fan to come on to help circulate the heat from the wood stove. See what he thinks.

Might run to look at a new tonneau cover I found on craigslist after work, if he still has it. My old one finally bit the dust after about 17 years. Hope to get this one, it's a solid cover, won't stretch or shrink and flap around back there like a soft cover. More secure as well.

Better get moving. Have a good one and STAY WARM!

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Good Morning to all you board kings from up here on the frozen prairie. -36 with slight wind this morning.
The song dogs are in breeding season now and running. Yesterday we got 2 that were hooked up. They were on a drainage ditch at 320 yards. They paid no attention to us at all. I used my 243 ackley and my son Ron used his 6.5/284. We shot at the same time and ruined their romantic interlude. They both went into spin cycles, unhooked and died. 2 less of the calf eating bastards!
We are going again this morning so I better finish my coffee and get going before daylight.
Good shooting and everyone be careful out in this cold.
Good morning, GoGo. It's 6 in Louisville, with wind chill ranging from 0 to -10. Higher winds expected when the sun comes up. Oh yeah, we got 1-2" of snow overnight. Weather guys are urging people NOT to use salt because if you do get any melting, re-freeze is definitely going to happen and that ice is way slicker than plain snow.

I worked at the office Monday and Tuesday so I'd be able to stay home today and tomorrow. Definitely the right decision. Our school system made the decision late afternoon yesterday to close schools today due to the cold. I thought it was premature, but as it turns out it was the right call.

Skru, I enjoyed your explanation of how you solved the furnace problem. I was raised from birth to be a troubleshooter because my dad worked as an "instrument mechanic" at the "bomb plant" (uranium processing plant) west of Paducah. At home, whether we were working on an old car or the oil furnace, Dad could usually figure out the problem and fix it.

As others have said: Throw another log on the fire and stay put if you can. If you have to venture out, be safe out there because it's dangerously cold.
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Great morning folks,

60° with widely scattered clouds for now and 75° this afternoon here in the trailerhood.

Pawn shopping was an utter waste of time. I don't get it. Old used crap priced above new retail.

Highlight of the day yesterday was a trip to the Adair range. Mike & Dorla and Debra Dearest & I flung some lead. We picked up brass & lead too. Lots of dime size lead leftovers.

Today we are headed cross country over the mountains. The Canadians want to ride to Lagurta for some lunch and beverages. That should be a hoot.

I check the remote thermostat at the Halfway House, -6° outside while still holding at 50° inside.
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Weather people are saying 15* was the low, sun is out nice and bright now, high of around 30* forecasted. Our roads were dry late yesterday but sure some did not a lot of sun or traffic so those back roads are probably nice and slick right now. Not going anywhere today, will probably size some brass to have something to do, may call the insurance company and start the process of getting wife's car repaired from a numbnut hitting us in the rear. Only had the car for less than 45 days when it happened. :(

Stay warm if you can, if not, shoot straight.
Good morning

27 here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon high today 52. My daughter in Rochester MN is experiencing her first really cold weather of her life. -27 when I checked. She said her car started this morning so that is good. She still thinks this is all really an exciting new experience.
18º at 6:00 in the hollow with clear skies and light wind. Cold but nothing like Chicago. I feel for you people but I can't reach you. We are currently in the middle of the driest period we've seen since September. The club secretary and I visited the new range and conferred with our dirt mover as to how we could make the most of it. Result is, the topsoil was getting spread yesterday afternoon and today with the probability that seed and straw will be put down before week's end in time to take advantage of light rain forecast for early next week. We also looked over the area planned for the pistol bays and it looks like we may have room for all of them in a semi circle. The bedrock isn't nearly as close to the surface as we had feared. It's slow, but things are gradually coming together. With a high forecast to be in the mid 20's I plan to stay inside as much as possible.

G'day Y'all,
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We're around 12° or so but the wind on the knoll is a steady 15-20 w gusts to 35. It IS WHUPPIN!
The snow is running like sand off the dunes in the Sand Box. Clouds of it just swirling and skimming along. Gotta be cold as 'ell out there. I just saw a few Grackles fly by. Has to be a tuff day to be a bird.

Making my first run to Bowling Green, KY today. That will be sw and the wind is nnw....that 26' box is going to be a hand full. I have my emergency bag packed w insulated coveralls, toboggan, head hood, high cal munchies, water. If that International breaks, they'll find me warm and with crumbs on my face 😉 . I'm guessing 3-5 tons of printed material. Coming back may be the trick if this wind doesn't slack off. Thanks think I'll check the weather half way there. Not getting the load till 1400.

About 122 300 WMag shinied up.
Dey be fo' sales, y'all. Also some nib WW '06, stained, at least 20 yo.,The WM is unknown firings.

Time to head to the shop. Tom out.
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2 degrees and windy this morning. Had a little job to do outside when I got here this morning but t is done now and I am going to TRY to get caught up on indoor items. I’ve been working long hours lately so 8 today should seem like a walk in the park.
Glad to hear Skruske got the heat going in the double wide. Sooner or later, he’s gonna need it.
Y’all be careful out there today.
Good morning everyone...little later than normal. I got up at 5am and noticed the wife didn't go to work today so I went back to sleep for a few after hearing the wind howling like mad. It's -12° here with a wind chill of -30 or so depending on what you look at. I know my truck didn't like it one started but never really got warm and the transmission never would shift into overdrive. I either have a thermostat problem or a heatercore problem even though they were both replaced a few years ago.

Probably just weld on my truck bed a little more today and that's about it.. The urinal and shitter here at the shop have frozen up and ya got to carry a bucket of water with it's one cold sob if ya got to go pop a squat in there today.....need some insulation work for sure!

Well stay warm and safe!
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Shane, I never knew a diesel to warm up worth a darn. Cold blooded beasts. Too efficient I guess.
Shane, I never knew a diesel to warm up worth a darn. Cold blooded beasts. Too efficient I guess.
This was on my gas engined dodge diesel wouldn't hardly get warm at 30°. MY blazer was fine earlier when I fired it up so its getting drove today.:D
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