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Wednesday Morning

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25° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high today will be around 37°. We will be getting some rain this afternoon and tonight.

Yesterday I was on the road all day and it was a long one. I got home about 7:00PM after finishing up the last job. Today I am hoping it will be more normal but who knows.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

45 here in NC Ohio with lots of rain on the way. Stayed up for SOTU speech which I thought was very positive. Not so for some ladies in white LOL. Today will be a good one too stalk some breakfast in town, got some running and shopping to do also. Everyone be safe and Pray for our President and country and those in need. Mike
Good Morning from Bartonville. 69 and light rain, high of 74. Rain for the day and tomorrow.
Maybe I can take the computer and slip into town and have coffee and write. Wife permitting, of course.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Morning Gents! Its 69º here with rain in the forecast. I've got a buddy coming over after while to cast. I've got a new 45-70 mold to try out. You'all have a good one.
G’morning varminteers and varmintettes. It’s 49 and raining in Indy. Looks like rain all day. It could be worse. Nothing going on today. I got it covered.

Have a good day.
Good soggy morning everyone....looks like it's going to keep on with the moisture. Not much going on yet as I was up late and up early the last couple of nights and I'm feeling it now. My old green Dodge is sitting idle yet again. I had a problem with the low beams not working, the multifunction switch...aka... turn signal, dimmer and wiper switch went south after 22 years. I bought a new one and we had light, but as soon as you turn the key on the wipers were on full speed and the washer was spraying. So I replace that one thinking I'm good now. A week later I loose all delay function and end up with only one wiper speed... still have light though. Put another new switch in yesterday and the damn wipers and washer are going mad again and won't stop.:mad:. One bad part I can kind of see... but 3 bad damn switches from 2 different parts stores all sold to the same person.....WTF? I was livid yesterday for sure. I never seen shit like this before. It was a BWD brand from what they tell me and if I get another bad one they are getting really, really nasty email with lots of welder language in it for sure.

Ok that rant is over I started getting wound up again.... more dump truck work today and maybe a trip to get my metal, they started braking it yesterday but not sure how much they have done yet.

Well off to do some cutting and grinding......have a good day!
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Great morning all,

51° with stars widely scattered at this hour here in the trailerhood. May not see a temp with a 7 in front of it today.

After looking at more important online content Mike decide since we had half his steering system apart we may as well year out the other half & replace worn parts on that too. Just as suspected, they were bad enough to justify R&R. Hopefully, the new stuff gets delivered by Friday. Assembly should only take an hour. In the mean time, he has something up on blocks next to his trailer.:D

By sunset it was time to celebrate Dorla's birthday. Laugjfter, cake and ice cream made for an enjoyable evening.

On the docket for today. The big doublewide get a wash & wax. I will probably have them do the ******* Limo too. A crew comes right to the trailerhood to do the job & it cheap if you pay cash.

I did get a message from JNYork & did reply.
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morning all. 28 and breezy. Calling for snow but think the wind will take it around us again :eek:
Finally got the air compressor in the farm shop working again, took a while to get the new pressure switch plumbed in, old one use all copper tubing, new uses plastic, had to adapt things :rolleyes:
Electric work being done on our house today, adding some outlets in the living room, could be interesting!
Better move along, Happy Hump Day. Be safe and pray for our country and "leaders".
good HUMP day morning folks. It's 42º going up to 40º later they man's obviously wrong again.:rolleyes: Have some rain coming in later today and into tomorrow and Friday, then cold and clear for the weekend. Maybe some snow Mon/Tues? Winter is still here, despite what ole Phil said. Didn't do anything last night after working 2 jobs. Watched a bit of the SOTU, but certainly not all of it and none of the "Democratic response". Please...

Anyway, I had better get busy. Work has slowed a bit, but still need to get some things done. Prayers offered for those in need. HE knows who needs 'em.

Have a good one!

Morning all.
54* here now, upper 60's with possible storms later today. Have the possibility of setting new temp records in the next couple days, we'll see. Forecast is mostly wet for the next week or so but warm temps will keep the snow away. Need to make an appt for repair estimate on wife's car that was rear ended before our trip to FL, she's getting irritated that she can only drive it on dry days since the trunk lid is bowed up pretty good. she doesn't get out on wet days so I'm a bit confused about that, but that's a female for you. LOL

Stay dry if you can.
HAPPY HUMP DAY, GoGo. It's 62 in Louisville, going to 64, and raining like a ... well, you know. Gonna rain off and on all the way through sometime Friday, I think. If it were cold enough to snow, we'd likely be in big trouble.

I'm somewhat concerned after last night's SOTU speech. To me, it didn't sound like Trump at all. I'm concerned it was maybe a clone. I thought he was very presidential, stayed on script, and gave an excellent speech and assessment of where our country stands on various issues at this time.

Skru, I'm proud of the direction you're providing to that trailer park. You've got 'em drinking corn liquor and putting vehicles up on blocks. Get the men to wear wife-beater T-shirts and the "pudgy" women to wear Spandex pants and the trailer park can apply for membership in the Confederacy. You can get the application form from the Damcowfarmer. :)

Working from home today and the rest of the week, and it'll be great not having to fight that traffic to get downtown. Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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Hello gang, good to be back home!! 60 here and staying close to that today, heavy rain this evening and all day tomorrow. Got to run to town with the wife foro 3 quick errands, then a hard day of couch sitting! Remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
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