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Wednesday Morning

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31° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today will only be up to about 32°. It wasn't as bad yesterday as they originally predicted, we got about 3" of snow with freezing rain on top of it. The driving wasn't that bad if you took it easy.

Today things will be back to more normal and I am glad. The older I get the less I like to drive in the mess.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

27 here in NC Ohio with wind as fast! Haven't been out yet, sure I'll be picking up a lot of stuff. Have a Doc appointment this morning, better get some bike riding in and chores. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning from Waseca, 3 above now, high of 20. We got 5 inches of fluffy snow yesterday, along with 25mph winds. I drove to my daughter's place for supper and it was 25 mph on solid ice for 18 miles. Wind blown snow made visibility tough at times.

Today the plumber comes, well this afternoon. he will replace the two damaged radiators. All the heavy work is finished so I should have a better day.
I found family pictures in one of the boxes that got very wet. I was able to salvage most of them.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Mornin boys...
Around 30 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Wind blowed about all nite pretty hard.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 23 with low 40s in the sights. Along with some "breezes" 35 to 40mph. Their calling for possible rain and snow for tomorrow, sure hope the mountains get hammered!
Sure nice to have my son here, we worked in the shop yesterday. Move the tractor out, then worked on the loader, hopefully got all the major hydraulic leaks fixed. Amazing how much easier it is to get into hard places when your thirty years younger. Travis made things look easy and I know better!
Had a pot luck for our Bible study group last night, really ate to much! :eek: Still feeling it this morning.
Have a happy Hump Day and be safe out there, keep warm too. Prayers for the requests and our country.
Great morning everyone,

50° with some clouds moving but we will ease into 70° later here in the trailerhood.

With much anticipation, the UPS truck arrived with THEE part to fix the CanAm at about 4:30pm. Mike had tools all laid out & ready to go. We worked until dark, with the audience coming & going. It's on the ground and able to move on its own power with nice right steering. Two things left to do, set toe in and replace the air box. We should be riding by afternoon.

Before the big brown truck rolled in, Mike & I worked on a couple's RV furnace. After fiddling with it for a bit, we determined there must been obstruction on the burner. Rather than take the furnace out we tried blowing compressed air into the burn chamber. Sure enough, out came a small glob of mud. We tested it and away it went. The couple, from British Columbia were very happy to have heat for the cool nights.

Later this afternoon, we will start to pack up for a move tomorrow. We are headed over to Imperial Dam in Kalifornia for some different riding and off grid camping.
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Sad Hump Day, GoGo. My #16 Louisville Cardinals played brilliantly for three quarters and built a 23-point lead on #2 Duke. Then in the last 9 minutes that lead fell apart like, yep, a house of cards. Louisville lost by 2. Before the game if you'd told me we'd only lose by 2, I'd have been happy. But to dominate the way we did and then lose by 2 is heartbreaking.:(:(

Now to lesser things. It's 29 in Louisville with a 10mph wind that makes it feel like 18. It's supposed to go to 41, so should be a fairly nice day. We have some flooding downtown, along the Ohio River, including my parking garage. The 10-day forecast shows a lot less rain, which will be great.

Later this afternoon, we will start to pack up for a move tomorrow. We are headed over to Imperial Dam in Kalifornia for some different riding and off grid camping.
Skruske in Kalifornia? Now that's a scenario I don't even want to imagine, especially since Scott is a victim of BRD. I mean I can't even imagine him going on this months-long RV trek without carrying several personal defense weapons that are absolutely banned in Kalifornia. Anyway, I hope that goes well.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe today.
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28° which ain't bad, wind is whuppin' still, about 2x of KF's reading but the sun is OUT. The tile man said 40s for the day. I'll take it. I will be running to the PO today to get some bux sent. It seems some one was nearly giving a decently scoped Cooper away. I had one many years ago, sold it as I was almost afraid to take it to the range for singing it. We'll see how this goes.
#2 PO item is the Star Tool. It ended up in a cat litter plastic bucket, disass'd. 27# worth. I hope they'll take it. Will be sheet metal screws for the lid then nylon reinforced tape. I don't wanna drive to the next town to a UPS Store.
The collection for a south paw rifle is going well for the future Olympian. I wish our board guys would take the time to read the links on AccShooter and consider a contribution. Alan made it easy peasy by
providing the link a few days back.
Coffee is almost needing a refill, second eye almost open all the way. Time to get on with it. Have a happy humper guys. Tom out
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Morning Gents! Its 34º here and sunny, headed for the 50's. Rolling out late this morning, was up late last night and out of town for the oldest Granddaughters choir recital. You'all have a good one!

Good late morning all. It's mid 20s and breezy in Indy. Got a skiff of snow overnight with real wind. The daily world problem solving ran overtime this morning. Much was mentioned but little was accomplished. I don't think "they" are paying attention to us.

Julie's Well Armed Woman group shot last night. She took 50 rds of ammo and came home with at least 200 pieces of brass. They'e shooting again tonight. I really have no idea how much 9mm brass I have now. All the ladies are saving it for her and I can't get her to stop bringing the stuff home.

Saw the Duke vs UofL game, Mikey. Unbelievable collapse in the 4th quarter!

Have a good day.
Good HUMP day morning folks. Unfortunately, I feel like crap. We had our dinner last night in Baltimore and the food and drink was excellent. Unfortunately I had both in excess.:eek: But it was worth it. I'm starting to come around now, thank goodness. It's 30º here with some of Dean's breezes. Good day to stay inside. Sure glad I don't have to work at the shop tonight too.

Well, I guess I better get something done around here. Prayers sent. Have a good one!

Good morning gang! 35 headed to 45 here today, nice to see the sun shine! I ordered 2 new pistol AR uppers, one in 5.56 and the other in .300BO. I still need to get a couple of braces and I will be set! going to try to get out in the shop a few minutes and clean it up, look up some load data, first I have to run to town and run some errands with the wife, it will be good to get out of the house after a week of being home. Remember those in need of prayer, and our country as well, Buff out!
Morning all,
I cleared my driveway of 10-12" of show plus deeper drifts last night only to see drifts across my drive that were up to 2 feet. We're not done yet I'm afraid.
If it weren't for hunting and indoor ranges, I might not have shot at all this winter.

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