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Wednesday Morning

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21° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature for today going up to about 44°. It is suppose to be warmer until the weekend when it will cool down some again.

I was busy all day yesterday being on the road and hopefully today will be a little better. I like to be able to work out of my home office some days. I am looking forward to spring coming sometime soon I hope.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Morning George and others to follow. It's 37 here with clouds after a beautiful day yesterday. Lot to get done today with the crew to be here tomorrow for the work on the pole barn. So better grab more coffee and get at it. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Bartonville Texas, 67 and raining with high winds. 74 for the high.
Finished and printed the Journal yesterday. I used Office Depot to print, never again. It looks like crap, really disappointed.
I have sent the PDF version to those who asked.
Men's group today then post office and drive back to Denton to see about the RV suspension upgrade.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
morning all. 31 and wet, some snow on the ground and in the air. Had showers off and on yesterday. Snow and wind for today but not as bad as east of us.
Gwyn had to work late yesterday as most of the valley got heavy snow and had power outages everywhere. Think our side was the only place that only had rain, no power problems here.
Got the batteries in the JD tractor and moved it into the shop for work today. That was about all I got done yesterday except chores and check cows. Hope today goes better.
Have a Happy Hump Day and be safe out there. Prayers for those in need.
HAPPY HUMP DAY, GoGo! It's a warm 48 in Louisville, going to 70 today. I'm thinking spring has sprung in Kentucky!

Not much to report today except that Miss Cindy continues to improve from her back injury. She's supposed to hear something today about her X-ray. I suspect what she'll hear is that X-rays don't show soft tissue damage well, so she needs to have an MRI. At least she's able to sleep now and is moving around better.

Y'all have a great day and be safe out there.
Morning Gents! Its 58º here and cloudy with rain and T'storms this afternoon and tonight. And windy.

Day 8 of the kitchen remodel. Yesterday they installed most of the bottom cabinets. It looks like they did the hard side first, cutting out for the water lines and drains and such. I had to move 1 receptacle just a little. They should be back today to install the rest of the bottom cabinets and hopefully the top ones. It seems to be going pretty good. Mama and I are still married although we are already tired of cooking on a hot plate and a microwave in the garage!

I've got a buddy coming over this morning to cast. We set up on a steel table in the shop, open the doors and cast while we visit and BS. I have enough circuits on the work bench to handle 3 melting pots, a hot plate, a radio and a fan if one is necessary.

You'all have a good one.
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Good morning everyone....little rain here and supposed to get to about 64° here today. I'll take it that's for sure. I have to put a welder in my old dodge truck today since my chevy took a dump on me and wont start. I need to go weld a steering stop back on one of those big 3 wheel field sprayers. Then back to welding spools and hopefully a little more work on the truck.

I was hoping to get the bed back off nd ready to paint this weekend but we have to wait until Saturday morning to drive to Wilmore to pick up my daughter for spring break. Maybe get it pulled off on Sunday and prepped and painted one day this week. Think I'm just going to use the implement paint from TSC as it is usually pretty tough...I imagine it will get beat off the bed eventually as it will get worked on.

The guy I rework the stone buckets for text me and said he has a lot more work for me when I get this one finished up.

Well off to try to get something more done this morning...hope everyone has good day!
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Happy HUMP day folks. It's mid 30's here and going to 50's later. Going to be a very nice day. Too bad I have to work, huh? Oh well...need to pay to play and need to work to be able to pay. Didn't do much last night other than mess with that muzzleloader barrel. Haven't been able to take advantage of the longer daylight hours due to work. Hopefully that will change soon. I need to get on the firewood program. Have some stacked from last year that need split and put in the shed and a bunch of blowdowns to take care of from the past year. Haven't had to cut down any standing trees in awhile.

Eye Dr. appointment today in Harrisburg. Have to leave work early. It's my 1 year/final checkup after my laser surgery last year. Everything is great distance wise, just find I need readers more and more each day. The price of getting old.:rolleyes:

Have a good one!

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Mornin boys...
40 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Sore this morning from working overhead most of the day
yesterday. We got the ceiling and 2 walls done. Hope to get it finished
today. Sure glad Tucker was there.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Mornin, all,
50º and sunny in the hollow, going to 70º. Going to be a fine spring day. The perfessor stayed here last night and will be finishing up with the all the wiring he can do at the range until we get the club house moved and the power ready to attach. I'm considering going up there later this morning to measure the yards and meters and put permanent markers in the ground for same. We have been speculating just how long it will be before some idiot shoots them. I commented on George's post about our website and I'll repeat here. Please click on our site every time you think about it. We need to get more clicks to move up on Google's search.

G'day Y'all,
Good Wednsday Morning from Missouri

It is 53* and partly cloudy here in the northern Ozarks, headed toward a high in the low 60's today. Rained all day yesterday, don't have a guage out yet but I would guesstimate about 2 inches. We are so wet here that the lawn is standing water.

Yesterday was my 74th birthday and I received an awesome present. My third great grand child was born yesterday about noon. Got the call in the morning that my granddaughter was in labor. Hurried around and got to the hospital in time to wait on the beautiful little girl. That is the second one from the granddaughter who has the little boy with the cleft palette, which by the way is doing great. Still has a lot of surgeries yet to go through but just to look at him you can hardly tell that he has a cleft. Little girl is perfect, with no problems at all. Younger granddaughter presented me with a baby girl in mid-January, so I am well blessed with little ones. The latest one will be my legacy. Every time she has a birthday they can't help but think of me even after I am gone.

All you all have a great day and God Bless.
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Congrats Mr Murl !!!
My sister in laws girl had a girl yesterday too...
Happy Birthday !!!

Soggy great morning folks,

49°, windy, cloudy & damp out in the formerly dusty desert near F!orence AZ.

Mike took us for an all day truck ride yesterday. We went through Superior, Globe and out to the Roosevelt Dam. The road from the dam to Tortilla Flats is amazing. Awesome is an inadequate word to describe the views. My phone is getting old & the pictures are not very good anymore. Take a look any way.

Span bridge as seen from The Roosevelt Dam

The road is on th side of that cliff.

The little yellow dot is a road sign.

On the way into Apache Junction with Superstition Mountain draped in clouds.

With the wind the area should start to dry out a bit today. Maybe we can get an off road ride or hike in late today.
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