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Got down to the farm friday about 2:00 I was by myself so I went to a 2 acre oat field between the big swamp & the mail rye firlds. Sat 3 hours & saw nothing, left my cousion at the truck so I sat on the bottom of a milk box, not that comfortablle. Saturday sat on the main powerline from 7:45 until 10:15 did not even see the hawlks that normaly circle looking for field rats. There was a flock of 40 or so crows that passed over about 9:00.. no deer. Sat. afternoon sat in the middle tower on the north creek, saw nothing. I had seen a shooter buck & several does at the same spot the prior week. I was sick sat. night so I cleaned up around camp & came home.

I will actually be happy when deer season is over so I can shoot crows.
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