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Well I made it!!!!

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Well folks I got out of recovery room about 4pm, and am doing good so far! I am much, much stronger than wen I had the spacer put in in October 26. I got up by myself and walked a few feet, well hopped, since I can’t put any weight on the hip for 6 weeks! I just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers, I really appreciate you all, you folks are like family to me, can’t wait till BB, I will try make it and bring some deer chili or fix something up! God is still in charge and answering prayers! Buff out!
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Wonderful news! Stay strong and work the recovery.
Good news !!!
Hang in there, still prayin...

Donnie and the gang...
Great news. Prayers continue.
Great news.God is great and is caring is a caring God. More prayers for a fast and complete recovery.
Good News. LDS
Good to hear the Great News! Will be sending prayers for you all the way.
Glad to hear it

Hope to see you this Spring
Keeping the prayers going for you. God is good!!!
Glad to hear things went well. Listen to the Doc and don't rush things.
Great news, Sam. Keep up the good work. :D

You're certainly a tough ole' Koger!

Continued best wishes from the hill country in NE Tennessee.
Very glad to hear that Koger!! WD
Good on ya!!! Here's hoping for a fast recovery!!

Glad to hear. polish up the dancing shoes!
Sam great to hear!

I have and will continue to keep prayers headed your way. I have been watching with special interest what you are going through. You may remember that in the last two years I have had both hips replaced and my right knee. I have really done well with them except that I have sever Arthritis, and all the other places hurt so that I can't or don't do all the rehab that I really should. I walk some and work some, but still have pain when I do much of anything.
The Arthritis has worked around into my lower back where I broke my back many years ago and have had two surgeries on it. It is pinching a nerve that goes down my right leg and really is painful. May wind up having to have more surgery on that now.
Hang in there Sam and I will keep sending up a prayer now and then. Keep us informed of how you are getting along. God Bless.
awesome !
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