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Well I have been slow getting started deer hunting this year, decided to go hunt a blind I had set u[ 17 yds from a feeder last night, got in the blind about 6:30, and at 7:30 a big old doe stepped out to the feeder, was fixing to put a arrow thru her, when her bambi stepped out, about 30# with spots still on him, I knew he would not make it without his mother so I took a pass. Then a 4 pt trots out to the feeder, but immediately gets on the other side of the doe, and offers no shot. I watch them for 15 minutes, they never knew I was there till my crutch slid off the corner wall and went Bang! The deer went ballistic, and the buck caught one of his horns in the feeder tube making a bigger noise,till he finally got it loose and ran off about 40 yds, him and the doe looking at the feeder, they then went on across the field and out of sight. It felt good to get out hunting and when I left the blind about dark thirty, rode up by a field I hunt and saw a dang nice 6pt an doe standing there! Deer are starting to move with this cool weather, and ever deer I saw had its winter hair already in. Just thought I would share!
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