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The weather man sure f'd this forecast up. Called for 1-3" originally, then upped it to 2-5 at lunch time. Shoot we already had 5" at that time! Must be nice to have a job where you can be wrong half the time.

We got 8" of heavy, wet snow before it changed to sleet about 4pm. Wife got let out of work early and the roads were awful but made it home...but didn't make it all the way up the drive. Got stuck on the last hill. Then she tried to back up and slid half sideways into the grass. I made it home and walked up the hill and got the 4 wheeler started. Pulled up on the plow and went to hook the winch strap. No power. Found a plug pulled apart and hooked it up and it worked. Thank God

Plowed a bit and the hook on the end of the winch strap broke. Luckily I had an extra. Plowed and shoveled out the wife and put about a 5 gallon bucket of salt/cinders in front of the tires. Jumped in and it spun a bit but I got it going and it pulled right out. Finished plowing the drive and parked the 4 wheeler. Walked down and my truck crawled right up.

Jumped on the 4 wheeler to park it in the shed and when I got back there, had to Jimmy it around. It stalled. Started again and went forward. Stalled. Started up backed up.. Stalled. WTF. Did it another half dozen times before I got the damn thing parked in under roof. Only thing I can think is bad gas and/or dirty carb. I did put semi fresh gas in it halfway thru plowing. But I religiously use double the fuel treatment. I'll screw with it later when it's light out. I'll try Jeff Gaddy's trick. Sea foam. Can't hurt.

Supposed to rain/sleet all night and turn back to show overnight. Wonderful...just freakin' wonderful.

Sorry for the rant. This just sucks.


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You need to get out of Yankee Territory.
Come on down here, get you some Bib Overhauls, grow yer beard, change your name to Sizemore or already got Likker and a 4 good to go buddy.
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