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OK,now that there is an official rimfire forum,what do you guys own or shoot?
Mine are,in no particular order:
Remington 541S, 541T sporter,541T heavy, 2-581's
Browning Auto 22,wheel sight
Ruger single 6

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2 Ruger 10/22's 1970 & 1998
Marlin 25 MN 22 mag
Remington 511 1946
Remington 513 Sporter 1953
Remington 514
Savage 29B
Savage/Springfield 187S my pop gave me
Ruger Single Six 1974 Pre Warning
Ruger Pre MK I (Standard)
early Browning Buckmark

I'm looking to add to my Remington collection with the 5teen series.

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When it comes to rimfires I'm kinda fussy...It has to go bang when I pull the trigger:D They all outshoot me with the right ammo and are just plain cheap FUN !!
Ruger 10-22
Winchester 94-22
S&W 22pistol
Savage 93-17HMR
Ruger 77-22

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Marlin 922M..... a 22mag semi-auto
Marlin 717h2.... a 17m2 semi-auto
Savage 4C Deluxe...... an old bolt action that used to be my dads.

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Gosh I don't know if I can remember them all....
Ruger MK1 6 7/8
Browning Buckmark 5½"
American Arms PK22
Jennings P22......that goes everywhere I go
Marlin 883....that was given to me;)
Marlin 100
Mossberg 44us
Ranger 103.8....same as Marlin 100
Remington 510
Remington 514
Remington 540XR
Remington 541
2- Savage MK2 for my boys
Stevens 87A....that is very accurate
Winchester 75
Oh my I didn't know I had that many:eek:
some are safe queens and others get the workout

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A couple

No real order as follows.

Ruger 10-22
Ruger 77-22
Ruger 77-22-Mag
Ruger 77-17-HMR
Savage 17 MKII
NEF 22-Mag (rifle)
Ruger Super Single Six (convertable)
H&R wheel gun
Davis 22 Mag O/U
Springfield Armory Scout 22/410 O/U

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Win. Md 72
Stevens Walnut Hill 417-2 with Lyman Targetspot scope
.22 Colt conversion for .45ACP
Ruger Bearcat (Brass trigger guard)
S&W K-22
.22 barrel for T/C
Ruger Mark III Target
.17HMR barrel
.17 Mach II

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colt huntsman my grandad give to me :D
JW15 Nerico
full custom HALL BR way to much money in that :eek: for sale !
i need a good 541 or 40x if any body wants to trade in on the hall.

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Savage bolt action 22rf
TC Benchmark R-55 semi-auto
Ruger MKII pistol

I've got a feeling they will be seeing a lot more use this year than in year's past.

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Marlin 60, (first gun, easily outshoots the Rugers, though)
Marlin 17V HMR
Remington M24 gallery gun (.22 short only, made in 1922)

I've owned two 77/22s, a Remington 552, a wad of other 10/22s and Mk IIs, a couple of 22/45s, a Single-Six, an old High Standard Marshal (revolver), a Jennings J-22, and a couple of Smiths, a M18 and a POS 622, a Winchester 61, and last and least, a High Standard .22 pump.

Danged things add up, don't they?

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A potload of them. 25 at last count, ranging from pistols to target rifles. All get used occasionally, but the most used are a 5.5" Buckmark HB Field model with an Ultradot, a 10-22 with a Kimber fluted SS barrel and Hogue stock, and my silhouette rifle which is a Kimber M82C SS Classic. The most fun are probably the Buckmark, a Win 9422 and a Walther G-22. The oddest might be the Kintrek bullpup. No 17RFs, and only one 22WMR - a CZ American.

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No true hunter has no rimfire's. My love of shooting stems from a Winchester 67 that unfortunately someone in 1981 needed more than I did. To this day I would recognize that rifle and still dream of hunting with it. As you can see below it sparked an insatiable desire for rimfires

6 10/22's- 1 carbine, 1 DSP, and 4 as far from stock as you can get (one in 17M2)
Marlin model 20
10" and 23" Contender barrels
Rossi Gallery model
Mossberg 144
Noble 275 lever action (mention action due to the oddity of the brand)
Glenfield model 60
Norinco ATD
Stevens 416
Stevens model 15 (this is the training gun and proudly wears the name of the kids who it taught to shoot written on it)
Savage 72
2 Savage 93R17's
Winchester 190
Charter Arms AR-7
Charter Arms Explorer
2 Ruger Mark II's
Ruger Single Six (Three screw)
Stoeger Luger

I am about halfway to enough, just 20 or so more and I can die happy
And luckily I have 2 kids to help make sure they are used and my ammo doesn't expire ( I know ammo doesn't but they just want to make sure).

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Ruger 10/22 (1984)
Ruger MKII Gov. Mod.
Mossberg 802 Plinkster
Savage MKII FV
Savage 93R17 GV
NEF Sportster 17HMR

Haven't decided what's next yet. :confused:

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Currently own in order of trigger time:

Ruger 10/22 volquartsen carbon fiber barrel
Remington 597 .17hmr standard barrel
Ruger MKII slab sided 6 7/8"
S&W 317 3" barrel
Beretta 21 bobcat

Only difference in accuracy order is 597 above 10/22

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I really love .22's.

Here's the list:

Savage 23A
Savage 23AA
Savage 19NRA
Savage 19M
Savage 19L
Marlin 56
Marlin 57
Marlin 782 .22mag
Stevens 72
Stevens 414 Armory - sometime in it's history someone built it to look like a Walnuthill - amazingly accurate too
Browning Buckmark
Ruger Bearcat

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Here are mine.:D

Heritage Rough Rider 22lr/22mag combo
High Standard Sportking
Rossi Gallery Pump
Ruger MKII
Rem 511 Scoremaster
Stevens 87D
Marlin 917V 17HMR Thumb Hole
Rossi Single Shot 17HNR
Marlin Model 60

This will be a great new section thanks.:)

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Let's see.....

3 Ruger MkII's - 1 stainless steel, 2 blued/stainless with red dots, all bull barrels
Taurus revolver
10/22 laminate/stainless
CZ Youth Rifle
CZ .17 HMR
CZ Trainer
Anschutz bolt action handgun
CZ .22lr AR lower

I'm surprised I only have 10, but I remember selling a couple I wouldn't mind having back. I'm in desperate need of a .22 Mag 10/22 that I'd switch to a .17 HMR. Anyone want to get rid of one? Doug?:D:D


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I have

Remington 511-x
Remington 513-T (Current project gun I am trying to build a custom bench stock for this one.)
Mossberg M46(b) b
Marlin 81D
Ruger MkII Govt Target Model
Beretta Neos 6.5" w red dot
On the way
Mossberg M44US from CMP.

I am starting to save for my Shul as well.

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Rimfire round up


Ruger 10/22 - 8 of them, 4 calibers
CZ 452 - 1 each HMR, WMR, .22lr
Marlin 39M
T/C Contender - HMR
Savage Youth bolt gun
Ruger Charger - HM2 conversion
Ruger Single Six - 1 convertible, 1 HMR
Ruger Mk II
Ruger MK III
Marlin 917M2S
T/C Benchmark
Anshutz bolt action pistol - HMR
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