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Winchester 256 Magnum?

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Looking at a gun, for this caliber. Anybody have any experience with this cal?
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My thought...

The 256 Win Magnum I suppose. Well, I've had two, both in TC tapered octagon 10" contender barrels. I could never made either of these shoot well. Even tried making my own hollow point bullets out of factory bullets. They expanded, read exploded on impact very nicely, but still not accurate as I wanted. Maybe 2-2.5" at 50 yards? It's such a neat easy to make little cartridge. There have been several new 25 caliber bullets offered over the past ten years, not to mention so better powders. I think the old 25-20 would be a better choice, but try and fine one of those in a reasonly priced rifle.

Give it a go. If you're looking for TC barrel they're plenty around for sale. ( Ed's web site is out dated but he answers email request. I'll certain to own another- just a matter of time before a TC Contender 16" barrel surfaces.

Hope this helps ya!

Tom (AceBall) Mac
Another Data point....from Rocky Raab.

If Only.....The 256 Win Mag Contender - Rocky Raab

Here is a picture of the 256WM and other quarterbores....

(Left-Right): 257 Weatherby, 25-06 Rem, 257 Roberts, 25 Souper, 257 DGR, 250 Savage, 25-35 Win, 25 BR, 25 Copperhead, 256 WinMag, 25-20WCF

The 256 WM case is courtesy of Rocky.

Let us know what you decide.
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Thanks for the info.

I dont know what I'm going to do at this time,. The gun intrigues me... alot..
A Marlin 62, in mint condition.

I love the levermatics by Marlin, and hadnt heard of this caliber before.
I had one in a 22" Contender. Best I could do with limited load development was about an inch accuracy. Cute little round, and easy to load, but I wanted something more accurate for varmints, and I kinda lost interest in it.

Thanks, Dr Bubba.

I think my article pretty much says it all: I was equally intrigued, I was equally disappointed, and I'm STILL tempted to believe it would make a fine called-predator carbine. If I stumbled across a M-62, there'd be serious mental squirming going on about it - but I'd likely walk away from it.

Now if that rifle were a little Mini-Mauser or a CZ in .25-223, well now...! THAT would make my fingers clamp down and my wallet empty!
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