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Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is June 5th for an Athlon Cronus BTR 1-6x24 SFP - ATSR2 SFP IR MOA Riflescope
This has been rated as one of the best Rifle scopes out there. Whether you want 3 gun competition, tactical applications, or even your hunting adventures, the new Cronus BTR rifle scope is just what the doctor ordered. The ATSR2 SFP IR MOA reticle is specifically designed for 3 gun competition (68 grain hornady and 69 grain sierra cartridge) and any Nato 5.56/.223 caliber rifle with hold over points for both bullet drop and wind. The 1.4 moa red dot is perfect for zeroing your rifle scopes at 200 yard and the open centers below the center red dot are for targets at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yard. The unique design of open centers does not block any 12~18 inch targets beyond 200 yards and allows a shooter to take a quick shot once a target fills up the gap in the middle. The openings on horizontal lines below the center are specially designed for holding over 5 mph and 10 mph wind.

Please get your entry in so you can win this Athlon Cronus BTR 1-6x24 SFP - ATSR2 SFP IR MOA Riflescope

The winners of the Steiner Binoculars are:

Steiner Predator AF 8x30 - Ron H. from HuntingPA

Steiner HX 10x42 - Kevin W. from RokSlide

Steiner HX 10x56 - Brian W. from SnipersHide

Congratulations to our winners

Remember to enter our June drawing for your chance to win the Athlon Cronus BTR 1-6x24 SFP - ATSR2 SFP IR MOA Riflescope

It is our pleasure to bring these drawings to you each month to show our appreciation for all the support that we receive. Just our way of saying thank you.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the monthly winners for posting reviews of the products they have won. The forum members value your opinions, as do we.

Please go to our web site and enter. Past entries will not be in this drawing. To keep the drawing available to those that continue to have an interest, each contest winner will be drawn from entries for that contest period.

Are you our next winner?

What are you waiting for? Just go and sign up. There is no purchase required and we are not selling your info to anyone.

* By entering you are adding your name to an internal use only Camera Land e-mail mailing list.

** If you are outside of the USA and win this drawing a like valued binocular will be substituted as we do not export riflescopes

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Personally, I use night vision binoculars more often these days because I got into hunting after dusk.These Binoculars are amusing to utilize and to try different things with, presently I keep mine in the vehicle all an opportunity to utilize it when I'm go angling from the shoreline to a climb on the forested areas. a week ago I had a go at utilizing them to see Sandy Hook NJ from Staten Island which is about in excess of 6 miles separation and I figured out how to snap a photo of it on my mobile phone .. also, presently I'm going insane to realize what was that huge structure I found in NJ ?? you truly can play around with it taking a stab at watching fowls and ocean movement or milestones as I did.
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