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Wyoming hunt report

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I heard elk hunting in Wyoming got a little crazy this year. Scott Somebody and his wife “D” something, said she was tired of the boys taking off every year to hunt and leaving her home. So the guys invited her along. She is probably a better shot anyway. Scott said “D why don’t you go over the ridge and me and the boys will try to drive the elk to you.” Be careful though because elk are scarce this year. There are guys out there that will claim they shot the elk and leave you with nothing. A little ways into the drive old Scott heard bam, bam! He goes tearing up over the ridge. There stands a cowboy with his hands in the air. He is yelling Ok! OK! Lady you can have your elk. I just want my saddle!
Last I heard the gang Was was headed east.:rolleyes:
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Yes Charlie

Just trying to protect the innocent.:p
OH! dnag near spit coffee all over the screen! LOL!
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